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Further to my update on February 22nd, in which I communicated six of or twelve program locations were full and closed to new applications for summer 2017, please find a brief update below.

Students can learn more about our locations and programs online:

We anticipate that a further two locations will fill shortly. Currently, the following destinations remain open to new applications for summer 2017:

New York,  London,  Los Angeles,  Washington D.C.,  San Francisco (closing soon),  Miami (closing soon).

Please invite interested students to apply via:
I include three further updates at the foot of this email:
i.      2017 Q1 Scholarship Contest: One week to go.
ii.     Student Ambassador Program: Open to applications.
iii.    CI Programs Info Session: Join our upcoming webinar.

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For the seventh year in a row, Professor Oliviero Godi of Milan Politecnic and I will be organizing an Architecture Summer School in the North of Italy. This Year Theme is Utopia, working on the largest sweet water Island in central Europe, celebrating the 501 years anniversary of the publication of the Utopia book by Thomas Moore.  
The site and the residence location are magnificent, on the Lake of Iseo, between the Swiss Alps, Northern Italy plains and Milan. The location is better known for the Christo installation “the Floating Piers”. The project will be for a reflection on the notion of Utopia, 501 years after the book Tomas Moore wrote on the subject, involving new technologies, spatial and social organization. The project will be a proposal for the Island to be entirely reliant on renewable energy, and to see the architectural and social implication of such a transformation of energy infrastructure.
This year we would be happy to welcome students from the EPF-Lausanne Architecture School. The tuition fee is quite reasonable at $300 and there are shared rooms in the Yacht Club for 10 Euro a night.
Find as attachment the workshop poster, a few images of the workshop location. Please forward this information to your undergraduate and/or Graduate students, as we are open to both either level. For additional information you can contact either or


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A Visiting School nanotourism 2017

Location: Ault, France
Topic: Nanotourist Strategies for Ault
Summer school dates: 28 April - 13 May 2017
Deadline for applications: 5th March
The two-week experimental programme will explore the synergies between the local community and the particular natural forces generating the social, economic and natural conditions, tackling the problems generated by the eroding land of Ault. Once a booming tourist hotspot, nestled on the edge of the picturesque cliffs of the Picardie coastline in France, participants will investigate and identify the possibilities of implementing nanotourist strategies within the continuously negotiated relationship between land and sea.

Participants will research, design and build site-specific projects in 1:1 scale, materialising as organised actions, physical structures or holistic strategies for specific contexts. The workshop is open to all participants from various disciplines, eager to research, design and speculate on the role of architecture & design within the world’s most thriving economic sector – tourism.
nanotourism is a creative critique to the effects of mainstream tourism and operates as a site specific, participatory, locally oriented, bottom-up alternative in stimulating mutual interaction between user and provider by co-creation and exchange of knowledge.

Detailed information on the programme:
programme website:
AA website:
past projects:    
Below are links to international media publications of projects, done at our AA Visiting School programme in the past years:


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