Lost And Found

Lost Books @ Satellite


I left 3 books in a white paper bag in Satellite on the evening of 31st January.
The 3 books were from the library, and were :

1)  A primer of genome science Greg Gibson, Spencer V. Muse

2)  Introduction to algorithms Thomas H. Cormen ... [et al.]

3) Understanding bioinformatics Marketa Zvelebil & Jeremy O. Baum

And this is where I remember leaving them.


If any of you have seen them, I would be grateful if you can get in touch with me at : sharada.mohanty@epfl.ch


Posted by Sharada Prasanna Mohanty at 12:29
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Red Sigg Traveller Water Bottle (From FPL Conference)


I lost my red Sigg water bottle, that was a souvenir from the FPL conference in the M1 metro between Renens and EPFL, today at around 8:30 am. Yes it is not a phone or a loptop but I love it and I hope I can find it!

Please write to: aya.ibrahim@epfl.ch if you found it. Thanks a lot!

Posted by Aya Mohamed Naguib Ahmed Ibrahim at 9:13
Wallet and phone BM5, 18.12.15

I probably lost my wallet and phone in the ladie's toilet in BM building, 5th floor (right next to the cafeteria) today around 5pm.

Please write to zoe.koelbing@epfl.ch if you found it - thanks a lot!

Posted by Zoe Franca Barbara Koelbing at 18:42
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Lost view glasses


I lost my glasses at EPFL. Theyr are black inside a soft case. The brand is O'neill.

if found pls contact patrick.bonzi@epfl.ch

Posted by Patrick Bonzi at 11:02
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Lost my bag in sat

Yesterday night I left a blue jeans eastpack at sat,

there were inside an iPad Air, my wallet, a couple of books and my glasses.

please contact me to andrea.destasio@epfl.ch

Posted by Andrea Giacomo De Stasio at 11:53
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Lost MACBOOK please :(

Hi all,



I lost my bacbook in the metro M1, from epfl to renens, at around 8AM.

(it was still in the original box - you can find my phone number in the login window)

Please, let me know if you hear anything about it


thanks for your help

Posted by Gianrocco Lazzari at 13:26
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Lost Phone


I lost my phone, a black Alcatel Onetouch Pixi3 somewhere between the EPFL metro stop and the park by the lake.  It's a brand new phone so I didn't have any contacts on it yet.  If anyone finds it please contact me at caroline.neaves@epfl.ch



Posted by Caroline Neaves at 19:28
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Keys Lost


I lost my keys today on my way from UNIL-Sorge metro station to Rolex Learning Center. It has 3 keys, a plastic card and a white strap on it with green "ISIC" texts on it. If you found, please let me know asap (szabolcs.balasi@epfl.ch).

Thanks in advance!


Posted by Szabolcs Balási at 18:48
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Phone case

Hi guys,

I lost my phone case today at about 16pm, somewhere in the CM building. Its white/whitish and it has some red/pink flowers in the front. It is a gift so I would appreciate a lot if you could help :) 

My contact is radmila.popovic@epfl.ch

Thank you!


Posted by Radmila Popovic at 23:26
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Hello everybody!

I got my wallet stolen from my office today 25th August 2015 around noon. Maybe who took it is kind enough to leave the documents in a place where they can be found. If anybody finds them, please contact me, I will really appreciate it.

Laura Suárez.

Posted by Laura Victoria Suárez Murillo at 16:52
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