New license server 4.9

Dear all,

we have managed to install the new license server. Its version is 4.9.

The accounts are not yet created. I'm looking for one or two peoples who agree to be admin and manage the accounts creation on the license server. The work is pretty simple, but it's important to remove account when people/students leaves EPFL or finished courses. Any suggestions are welcome on how to manage that. For now, I propose that people who want an account comments this post: account name, want to be admin or no, expiration date of account.

Some quick updates:

  • install vali in c:\belsim
  • vali username have to be the same of the windows username (no admin, administrator, administrateur account allowed!)
  • people belonging the the vali groups on can access the installation files on in the folder vali (for 4.9 it's
  • and the most important the new license server is "". If you are not installing a newest version of vali you have to change that in the Belsim.ini file.

I quicky test the gas turbine and it works. Another (more complex) tests would be apreciated.

vali 4900


When more tests are accomplished, the wiki page will be updated.

In case of question please do follow How To Get Help.

Best regards,

Posted by Nicolas Borboën at 18:39
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Lincense server update

Dear all,
    we'll try to install the License Server for vali 4.9 this afternoon around 16:00. Will keep you informed. The installation will be done on a new server, so server address will have to be changed.


Posted by Nicolas Borboën at 11:37
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Vali 4700 on Bellatrix

Dear all,
    vali 4700 is working again on Bellatrix:


nborboen@b260:/scratch/nborboen/vali_test $ module load vali/4700
nborboen@b260:/scratch/nborboen/vali_test $ vali.exe pc.vif 
                        *   *   ***   *       ***
                        *   *  *   *  *        *
                        *   *  *   *  *        *
                        *   *  *****  *        *
                        *   *  *   *  *        *
                         * *   *   *  *        *
                          *    *   *  *****   ***
 BELSIM s.a.  21/01/2014   10:54     VALIDATION version
 Hot Line  : +
 E-mail    :
 Web Site  :

          Saving results in the database                         




Posted by Nicolas Borboën at 10:57
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The same units for different measurements on the same stream give different values. With VOLF Nm3 is not taken into account, it is really m3.

This is with Vali I am not sure why, but I just thought I'd share.


Posted by Emanuela Peduzzi at 15:58
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valitauto had a problem


I updated to Vali 4.7+ (one little step at a time). Ever since when I run Vali through Osmose... I get a window that says : "valiauto.exe had a problem and needs to be closed. Send a report error to windows". And I need to close that window or will not get to the next point....

Before I contact the support, has anybody had the same problem and knows how to fix it?






Posted by Emanuela Peduzzi at 7:45
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Read/Write text files from Vali FLEXCODE

Does any body tried to read/write from/to a text file from Vali Flex code? I tried with OPENIN/OPENOUT function but somehow my flex code does not run.

Posted by Sinan Teske at 11:28
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VALI client updated in G11 and String

Dear all,
     the Vali client has been updated to the latest version ( in G11 and String and the IP of the license server has been changed to the new one (

Please contact me if you have problems and/or questions.



Posted by Nicolas Borboën at 14:15
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ToDo: Update your Belsim.ini file to the new license server!

Dear Vali/Beslim users,
    the license server with the IP will be stopped. You have to use the new license server which is

How to change it ?

Open the Belsim.ini file with your text editor and change the "IPServer=" params to On Windows environment, the file is locate in C:\Program Files\Belsim\dat\Belsim.ini.

How to have an account on the new license server ?

People in LENI should have administrator right on the license manager, ask your assistant for an account.

If it does not work ?

First check the LeniWiki. Then, send an email to with your name, your windows session username and the name of your assistant in LENI.

Posted by Nicolas Borboën at 15:06
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License server maintenance today 10:00

Upgrade of license server will take place today at 10:00 and should be transparent for users.

Posted by Nicolas Borboën at 9:43
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15-17 June 2011, 18th belsim user meeting, Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile, Strasbourg, france

15-17 June 2011, 18th belsim user meeting, Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile, Strasbourg, france

Belsim is happy to announce our 18th User Meeting that will take place from 15 to 17 of June, 2011 in Strasbourg, France. It is an excellent opportunity for you to know more about our solutions by listening to client presentations and talking to Belsim experts. (http:\\

Download Belsim 18th user meeting registration form here

Posted by Nicolas Borboën at 16:23
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