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May 2rd, Zhou

Here is the abstract:
Capture Light Field with Plenoptic camera
The very first light fields were captured by Lippmann in 1908. It took over 100 years to bring Plenoptic cameras to the market. 
In this TAM, I will talk about how does Plenoptic camera capture the light field and the difference between camera array. The acquisition of light field is quite difficult since it is a band-unlimited signal unless scene is totally flat painted with band-limited texture. I will try to build a model to analyze the imaging process. More specifically, I will look into the trade-offs inside a Plenoptic camera, such as focal length, size of the micro-lens array, pixel size, etc. And how to use these factors improve our acquisition strategies.
Based on these analysis, I will also discuss the possibility to do light field super-resolution, stitching and rendering.
Posted by Runwei Zhang on Thursday 23 January 2014 at 13:14