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May 28th, Runwei

Title: Efficient data collection in participatory sensing
Participatory sensing is becoming a more and more important means of sharing sensory information. However, for taking each measurement, the participating devices have to consume certain amounts of resources, e.g., battery energy, privacy, and network bandwidth. To efficiently utilize these resources, we propose a scheme which allows nearby devices to collaborate. A 2-step algorithm is proposed to adaptively choose the device for actively sensing. When the moving trajectories of participating devices are periodic or are randomly generated by markov chains, we prove the asymptotical optimality of the proposed algorithm. We simulate our proposed scheme in two scenarios : sensors boxes are equipped on: i) the bus system in Lausanne and  ii)taxis in San Francisco. Results have shown that the proposed scheme maintains the sensing coverage, is energy efficient and is fair to all participants.
Posted by Runwei Zhang on Thursday 23 January 2014 at 13:16