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Condensation - Two phase flows

modified heat transfer for dobson & chato
Posted by Hussein Dhanani at 11:17
heat transfer corr
last version 19 dec
Posted by Hussein Dhanani at 15:54
pOweR poiNt presentation
last pres
Posted by Hussein Dhanani at 15:53
next gen
Posted by Sebastian Schmidt at 12:27

I found a spelling mistake in one of my equations and corrected it. Aside from that I edited some comments in my part of the presentation.

See you later
Posted by Christian Metzger at 11:03
I added bibliography. still equation for dobson & chato correlation modification missing.
Posted by Hussein Dhanani at 11:05
next version of the presentation
Hi guys!

I included another slide to explain the physical basics of the pressure drop, added some comments and changed due to aesthetic reasons the "Range / applicability" to "Range & applicability"
Posted by Christian Metzger at 20:13
Comments (2)
modified dobson & chato
using the stratified correlation for FRso<20
Posted by Hussein Dhanani at 16:18
almost final presentation
Posted by Hussein Dhanani at 13:57
13 decembre
We changed the "Range/applicability"-thing at all the slides and included the heat-transfer screenshots. Since we didn£t had the current presantation why used the non-united versions.
Posted by Christian Metzger at 13:53
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