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Condensation - Two phase flows

Notes and remark for introduction pdf and comments on HT and PD
summary from some chapter of the book
Posted by Hussein Dhanani at 17:17
Hussein presentation
shah & dobson & chato

need to add few observations on parameters sensitivity
Posted by Hussein Dhanani at 15:37
And these are the htransfer-screens...
Posted by Sebastian Schmidt at 20:05
Problem solved

here are the updated versions and the new pdrop-screenshots.

Posted by Sebastian Schmidt at 20:03
Mission Garimella not accomplished

unfortunately I recognized that my Garimella-stuff is still not completed: I forgot about the transition and turbulent regions. Therefore, Christian's screenshots are for the birds, sry. The transition region is not illustrated in the book, so I will contact Marcel to fix it asap.

I attached my preliminary presentation.

Do we have experimental data of heat transfer? Didn't find it.

Posted by Sebastian Schmidt at 15:43
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1st version of the presentation

Enclosed you'll find the first version of the presentation. I implemented my methods, some common parameters for pressure drop and a first idea for the structure. So now it's your turn!

I'll be at school tomorrow between 3h and 7h. Just contact me and I'll hand over the book.

Have a nice Sunday

Posted by Christian Metzger at 15:52
1 decembre 2007

I put the experimental data into the excel-pressure-drop-file. Moreover I did the screenshots for the pressure drop. I suppose that one of you could do the screenshots for the heat transfer in the same manner. Pay attention to the conditions the experimental data was derived from! Since I didn't change anything with the heattransfer-sheet I didn't uploaded it once again...

Have a nice week end

Posted by Christian Metzger at 17:28
30 nov
two excels, picture + soft
Posted by Hussein Dhanani at 17:50
Example of final oral presentation
the students got 6 for this presentation...
Posted by Hussein Dhanani at 10:16
Ref. for correlation
Cavallini & al 2005
Chen & al 2001
Shah 1979
Wilson 2003
Posted by Hussein Dhanani at 11:41
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