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Condensation - Two phase flows

correlation du 6 novembre
I've corrected my pressure drop correlation and added the heat transfer correlation in this file.
I have also drown some graphs showing Pdrop and heat transfer...
Posted by Hussein Dhanani at 11:11
correction de la méthode de Wilson 2 novembre
Hello guy I corrected the Wilson method I implemented for pressure drop like christian made us noticed...I put my correlation on christian's files and I will also add the pressure drop later
Posted by Hussein Dhanani at 12:15
paid my dues... almost
i implemented nearly everything, but there is still one issue resting for a meeting, because i really dont know how to cope with it

by the way: christian is right

cu soon

Posted by Sebastian Schmidt at 19:59
Latest Excel-version
Hi guys,

enclosed you will find the latest version of my excel-sheet. I realized that we made some mistakes when we worked out the CAVALLINI-pressure-drop method and changed it: By mistake we assumed that E and f_lo are constant parameters! This is also true for f_l, etc...

Check your equasions! :-)

Posted by Christian Metzger at 1:27
DP + H
pressure drop: cavalli + wilson
heat transfer : shah + dobson et chato
Posted by Hussein Dhanani at 18:08
excel with cavallini
version du 17 oct
Posted by Hussein Dhanani at 15:24
Excel Sheet
Excel Sheet
Posted by Sebastian Schmidt at 14:25
wang, radcliff, christensen
a condensation heat transfer correlation for millimeter-scale tubing with flow regime transition
Posted by Hussein Dhanani at 11:58
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