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standalone version of Mace for homework #1

There were various problems compiling the mace baseline on the EPFL cluster as some of the machines got upgraded. Aris resolved the issues and created a standalone package you can use without too much headache, hopefully. If you have libboost and openssl on your machine, you might also be able to run it there. As we have limited resources, please understand if we cannot offer help with problems compiling on your personal machine.


The package is here:




Jonas Wagner:

I tried today to compile the provided stand-alone mace on my laptop, using g++ version 4.3.1. There were a number of issues such as deprecation errors and missing #includes.


The attached patch fixes (or, rather, silences) these issues so that mace compiles. Maybe it would be helpful for other students; could you forward it to the class?


Here is how to apply the patch:


First download a1macestandalone.tar.gz, a1mace.tar.gz and a1mace.patch and put them in the folder where you want to install mace. Then execute


$ tar xzf a1macestandalone.tar.gz

$ cd mace

$ tar xzf ../a1mace.tar.gz

$ patch -p1 < ../a1mace.patch

$ make


This should produce the executable application/file/file.


Posted by Dejan Kostic on Sunday 28 September 2008 at 22:52
Adding a link to the assignment source code so everything needed for the patch to work is in one place...
Posted by Jonas Wagner on Sunday 28 September 2008 at 23:18