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My PhD thesis in slides

I've just published a presentation of my PhD thesis as slides:

Activity choice modeling for pedestrian facilities


The PhD thesis itself will be online in December.

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CV for EPFL Thesis template in LaTeX

EPFL theses must include the CV of the doctoral student at the end of the manuscript. The EPFL thesis template in LaTeX includes the CV as an external PDF. The EPFL thesis template does not use the standard Times New Roman font, but a font called Utopia. Moreover, it uses specific margins.

Here is a LaTeX template for the CV with Utopia font and the same margins as the EPFL thesis template. It can easily be adapted to different needs by adding other "rubrique" (for lists) and other "rubriquetableau" (for anti-chronological elements, with a column for years). To force LaTeX to push a "rubrique"/"rubriquetableau" to the next page, use \newpage.

Just compile it separately and copy the file "cv.pdf" in the "tail" folder of the EPFL thesis template. When compiling the EPFL thesis template, page numbers will be automatically added.

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LUTS : Une solution aux bouchons sur la route

Nos collègues du Laboratoire de systèmes de transports urbains (LUTS), et en particulier Raphael Lamotte, étaient au 19:30 hier :

Une solution aux bouchons sur la route

Le canton de Genève, en partenariat avec l'EPFL, veut mettre en place une régulation intelligente du trafic.

RTS : GE: le canton, en association avec l’EPFL, cherche une solution aux problèmes de circulation : Ils veulent mettre en place une régulation informatique "intelligente et globale" des carrefours à feux.

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Table ronde "partage de données entre services publics et privés"

Je participerai mercredi prochain à une table ronde sur le lancement de projets partageant des données entre services publics et privés lors du Smart City Day au SwissTech Convention Center, à l'EPFL.

Seront aussi présents :

Le programme complet et les inscriptions sont possibles sur le site internet de l'évènement.

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Destination choice with longitudinal data

I gave a talk at the 4th Symposium of the European Association for Research in Transportation (hEART 2015), taking place at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), in Lyngby, 15 km north of Copenhagen, Denmark. Slides are available:

Destination choice with longitudinal data

Antonin Danalet, Loïc Tinguely, Matthieu de Lapparent, Michel Bierlaire

Panel data and habits are often observed in travel behavior research, in route choice and car ownership. While moving from diary survey to location-aware technologies, recent data collection techniques provide panel data about location choice. Only few dynamic models of location choice exist in the literature, and none of them to our knowledge correct for serial correlation. We apply Wooldridge method to deal with the initial values problem on the choice of catering location on a campus from WiFi traces. Cross-validation and forecasting in the scenarios of cost increase and opening of a new catering location are presented. Predicted market shares of the new catering location correspond to point-of-sale data of the first week of opening.

Slides on TRANSP-OR website / on Infoscience

The complete programme is available here.

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Faculty Positions in Transportation at EPFL

EPFL is opening two professor positions in transportation engineering:

Faculty Positions in Transportation Engineering and Transportation Systems

EPFL’s School ENAC (Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering) seeks to fill two Faculty positions in Transportation. Appointments at each level (Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Full Professor) will be considered.

Full announcement

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The activity path approach to activity pattern modeling

I gave a talk today at the 14th International Conference on Travel Behaviour Research, in Windsor. Slides are available:

The activity path approach to activity pattern modeling

Antonin Danalet, Michel Bierlaire

In this presentation, we propose a model for the simultaneous choice of activity types, order, start times and durations of activity episodes in a sequence. In particular, we develop a framework for choice set generation based on path choice to deal with the large choice set. The activity-episode sequence is modeled as a path in an activity network defining the activity type, duration and time of day. The large dimensionality of the choice set is managed through a strategic sampling using a Metropolis-Hastings algorithm. Our model can be used to forecast demand at the urban scale. Since it does not assume tours, it can also be applied to pedestrian facilities, such as transport hubs or mass gathering. A case study using WiFi traces on a campus is presented.

Slides on TRANSP-OR website / on Infoscience

The full schedule of the conference and more information are available here.

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Master thesis: Exploiting pedestrian WiFi traces for destination choice modeling

Loïc Tinguely's Master thesis (supervised by Michel Bierlaire, Matthieu de Lapparent and myself) is now available online:

Exploiting pedestrian WiFi traces for destination choice modeling

This master thesis proposes a general methodology to model pedestrian destination choice from WiFi localization in multimodal transport facilities (e.g., airports, railway stations). It is based on the output of [Danalet, A., B. Farooq and M. Bierlaire (2014) A Bayesian approach to detect pedestrian destination-sequences from WiFi signatures, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 44, 146–170.] method to generate candidates of activity-episode sequences from WiFi measurements, locations of activities on a map and prior information. Destination choice is nested to the activity choice. An individual first chooses an activity ([Danalet, A. and M. Bierlaire (2015) Importance sampling for activity path choice, paper presented at the 15th Swiss Transport Research Conference (STRC), Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland.]), and then selects the destination where to perform it. We propose an approach to model destination choice accounting for panel nature of data. We compare static, dynamic strict exogenous and dynamic model with two different agent effect corrections inspired by [Wooldridge, J. M. (2002) Simple solutions to the initial conditions problem in dynamic, nonlinear panel data models with unobserved heterogeneity, Journal of applied econometrics, 44, ISSN 1753-9196.] method. In a case study using WiFi traces on EPFL campus, we focus on one activity type: catering. The choice set contains 21 alternatives on campus (restaurants, self-services, cafeterias, ...). Our models reveal that the choice of a catering facility depends mostly on habits (e.g., where an individual ate the previous time), distance to walk from the previous activity-episode (calculated with a weighted shortest path algorithm) but less on destination specific determinants (e.g., price, capacity). The models are successfully validated using the same WiFi dataset and we forecast possible changes concerning catering destinations on the campus.

Full document on Infoscience / on TRANSP-OR website

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Présentation de ATLAS#1 à Renens

Le Collectif Anie Gold vous invite à la présentation de sa publication ATLAS#1. Elle aura lieu le samedi 4 juillet prochain dès 19h à l’espace TILT à Renens.

Tilt reçoit Anie Gold

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SeminApero Automne 2015 - mercredi 10 juin, 17:00, GC C3 30



An event by PhD students in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

**** français ci-dessous ****

You are invited to join your colleagues from the ENAC faculty for a networking event. The goal is to bring doctoral students together to build and strengthen relations within and between the EDCE (Civil & Environmental Engineering) and EDAR (Architecture & Sciences of the City) programmes. Post-docs and professors are welcome, and there is no need for anybody to register to attend!

The 9th edition of the seminApero  will be held on Wednesday, 10 June at 17h00 in GC C3 30.

This casual seminar will last less than an hour (6x5') and will be followed by an apero allowing you to meet and socialise with your fellow doctoral students in a relaxed atmosphere. The presenters are as follows:

  • Farzaneh Bahrami (IA, LAB-U) – “The hypothesis of a post-car world: socio-spatial consequences”
  • Mirza Tursic (IA, CHÔROS) – “Aesthetics and Models of Urbanity”
  • Blaise Dhont (IIC,LHE) – “Bed-load transport in mountain streams”
  • Emilie Nault (IA,LIPID) – “Solar potential and interactive design at the neighbourhood scale”
  • Varun Sharma (IIE, CRYOS) – “Modelling of wind farms”
  • Andrea Stitic (IIC, IBOIS) – “Bidirectional Timber Folded Surface Structures”

If you have any questions you can reply to this email or check out our blog.

Tu es invité-e à rejoindre tes collègues doctorant-e-s de la faculté ENAC pour un évènement de réseautage. Le but est de rapprocher les doctorant-e-s de l'EDCE (Génie Civil et Environnement) et les doctorant-e-s de l’EDAR (Architecture & Sciences de la ville) afin d’établir et de renforcer les liens entre nous. Les post-docs et professeurs sont également bienvenus, et personne n'a besoin de s'inscrire !

La 9ème édition du seminApero  se tiendra le mercredi 10 juin à 17h00 en GC C3 30.

Il s’agit d’un séminaire à caractère informel de moins d'une heure (6x5'). Celui-ci sera suivi d’un apéro laissant place aux rencontres et discussions dans une ambiance détendue. Les présentateurs sont:

  • Farzaneh Bahrami (IA, LAB-U) – “The hypothesis of a post-car world: socio-spatial consequences”
  • Mirza Tursic (IA, CHÔROS) – “Aesthetics and Models of Urbanity”
  • Blaise Dhont (IIC,LHE) – “Bed-load transport in mountain streams”
  • Emilie Nault (IA,LIPID) – “Solar potential and interactive design at the neighbourhood scale”
  • Varun Sharma (IIE, CRYOS) – “Modelling of wind farms”
  • Andrea Stitic (IIC, IBOIS) – “Bidirectional Timber Folded Surface Structures”

Pour plus d'information, contacte-nous par courriel ou consulte notre blog.

See you there!

Parag Rastogi ENAC IA LIPID
Yves Reuland ENAC IIC IMAC

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