Farewell to wise men

It is always a bit sad to say farewell to someone who has been working with you for a while. The latest installment of our goodbyes is for Otpal Vittoz.

Since his very arrival, he was a vocal participant in the debates, discussions, gossip, elevated cultural diatribe and garroulous chit-chatting that goes on at the lab, in the coffee rooms and at the cantina. Amidst the world-spanning and exotic members of the lab, he's provided an inner view on the life and society of the place we live in that educated and entertained both the locals and those from far away. Wise and cultured, and with a pinch of cynical realism, Otpal has been a source of enjoyment to us all.

So good bye, good luck and see you in town, colleague and friend!


Posted by Basilio Noris on Sunday 24 March 2013 at 14:21