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Here are my 10 most downloaded fulltexts on Infoscience, EPFL institutional archive. I don't show the number of downloads, since they are not reliable, but the rank still shows which of the available PDF documents are attracting visitors.

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A. Danalet, M. Bierlaire and M. Sorci (Dirs.). Modèles de choix discrets pour la reconnaissance des expressions faciales statiques. 2007.

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M. Bierlaire, A. Curchod, A. Danalet, E. Doyen and P. Faure et al. Projet de recherche sur la mobilité combinée, Rapport définitif de l'enquête de préférences révélées, 2011.

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A. Danalet, M. Bierlaire (Dir.). Activity choice modeling for pedestrian facilities. Thèse EPFL, n° 6806 (2015)

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M. Schuler, P. Faure, S. Munafò, A. Danalet and P. Dessemontet. Amélioration de la qualité de service et évolution de la fréquentation de CarPostal, 2012.

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A. Danalet, B. Farooq and M. Bierlaire. A Bayesian Approach to Detect Pedestrian Destination-Sequences from WiFi Signatures, in Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, vol. 44, p. 146 - 170, 2014.

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A. Danalet and S. Sahaleh. Projet de recherche sur la mobilité combinée : Rapport de l'enquête de préférences déclarées, 2012.

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S. Sahaleh, M. Bierlaire, B. Farooq, A. Danalet and F. Hänseler. Scenario Analysis of Pedestrian Flow in Public Spaces. 12th Swiss Transport Research Conference, Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland, May 2-4.

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A. Danalet. Optima: When flexible transport is able to meet a dispersed demand through the whole territory. ENAC Research Day 2011, EPFL, June 8, 2011.

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M. Schuler, P. Faure, S. Munafò, A. Danalet and P. Dessemontet. Projektstudie über den kombinierten Verkehr : Verbesserung der Dienstleistungsqualität und Entwicklung der Fahrgastzahlen bei PostAuto, 2012.

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A. Danalet and P. Faure. Optima: When flexible transport is able to meet a dispersed demand throughout the whole territory. Marché de la recherche regiosuisse & Colloque sur le développement régional 2011, EPFL, September 1, 2011.

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The ranking is similar to the one I posted in 2015, with two notable exceptions:

  • since my 2015 post, my thesis is now online and moved up to rank 3;
  • our article in Transportation Research Part C, that has a postprint available on Infoscience, moved from rank 9 to rank 5.

Note that the two articles I published this year are not available as fulltexts on Infoscience. One will never be, and the other one, in Journal of Choice Modelling, could possibly be added in 2019.


Elsevier recently stopped its service "Top25...". They now offer author stats through Mendeley. It also shows the number of downloads, quite similarly to Infoscience.

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Danalet, A., Farooq, B., & Bierlaire, M. (2014). A Bayesian approach to detect pedestrian destination-sequences from WiFi signatures. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 44, 146–170. doi:10.1016/j.trc.2014.03.015

9 41 1798

Danalet, A., Tinguely, L., de Lapparent, M., & Bierlaire, M. (2016). Location choice with longitudinal WiFi data. Journal of Choice Modelling, 18(March), 1–17. doi:10.1016/j.jocm.2016.04.003

0 12 416

Holzer, A., Cardia, I. V., Bendahan, S., Berne, A., Bragazza, L., Danalet, A., … Tormey, R. (2016). Increasing the perspectives of engineering undergraduates on societal issues through an interdisciplinary program. International Journal of Engineering Education, 32(2), 614–624.

0 2 N/A

The citation count comes from Scopus, the number of readers is defined as the number of instances of the publication in Mendeley libraries, i.e., the number of Mendeley users who added the publication in their Mendeley library, and the number of views is defined as the number of downloads on ScienceDirect.

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