My PhD thesis in ebook (mobi) version

A new .mobi file has been uploaded on the Infoscience record of my PhD thesis. It allows reading my thesis on a Kindle or any e-reader.

Direct link to the ebook (mobi) version of my thesis.

Technical details

  • The document has been generated from the original LaTeX sources using first htlatex (procuding html files) and then Calibre (producing a mobi file).
  • My CV is not available in the ebook format. Please check the very last pages of the PDF version. (The CV at the end is a requirement of EPFL PhD thesis.)
  • The EPFL LaTeX template and the titlepage format have been almost completely deleted, since they are not compatible with the ebook format. Only the text of the titlepage, with the names of the members of the thesis jury, remains.
  • Some tables have been kept as tables (the small ones), while others are now images/printscreens from the PDF (in particulars large table).
  • tikz pictures are not compatible with htlatex. They have been compiled externally (\documentclass{standalone}) and included as png pictures.
  • After using htlatex and before using Calibre, I manually added three pagebreaks in the html files between the title, the list of jury members and the dedication using <p style="page-break-after:always;"></p>.
Posted by Antonin Danalet on Monday 5 September 2016 at 9:39