Project progress report - week 8

This week has been devoted to the following activities:

  • Osmose development
  • "Engineering Optimization" reading
  • Course in Model Predictive Control


Osmose develpment

The concept of developing the dependancy of resource flows in Osmose from y = ax to y = ax + b was still the main subject of the activity

The focus on this week's activity has been on how to make this work by only adding the necessary constraints, instead of adding redundant constraints for every simulation step.


"Engineering optimization" reading

As from the plan outlined in the first post and in the planning of the project, after I finished the EDx course about linear optimization I started reading the book "Engineering Optmization", written by S.S. Rao. 

During the second week of book reading, I read chapter 7 and part of chapter 8:

  • Chapter 7: Nonlinear programming III: Constrained optimization techniques
  • Chapter 8: Geometric programming


Model predictive control course 

The third week's lecture dealt with the concept of convex optimization, which MPC is based on. This primarily included the revision of interior point methods for the optimization of linear and nonlinear programming problems. 


Posted by Francesco Baldi on Monday 13 March 2017 at 8:52