Project progress report - week 9

This week has been devoted to the following activities:

  • Osmose development
  • "Engineering Optimization" reading
  • Course in Model Predictive Control
  • ECOS 2015 paper extension


Osmose develpment

The possibility of including dependancy of resource flows in Osmose from y = ax to y = ax + b is finally up and running.

Hereafter a description of the module and of what it does:


"Engineering optimization" reading

I continue reading the book "Engineering Optmization", written by S.S. Rao. 

During the second week of book reading, I finished reading chapter 8 and read chapter 9:

  • Chapter 8: Geometric programming
  • Chapter 9: Dynamic programming


Model predictive control course 

The third week's lecture dealt with the concept of constrained systems. This included learning about invariant and control invariant sets and on how to calculate a control-invariant set for a specific system, or calculate a control law that makes a set to be control-invariant.


ECOS 2015 paper extension

During my PhD, I did work on the energy and exergy analysis of Cruise ship energy systems, together with Fredrik Ahlgren (Linneus University) and Tuong-Van Nguyen (DTU). The paper was presented at the International conference of Efficiency, Cost, Optimisation, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems (ECOS) in 2015 in Pau, France.

We had already planned and initiated work for extending the publication to a journal publication, but this did not happen because of lack of time and organization. Now, we are back on the project. The plan is to have it done by the beginning of the summer.

This week's activities connected to this project involved:

  • Meeting on Skype with Fredrik and TV
  • Planning the first month of action
  • Selecting a number of publications that are expected to be cited
  • Creating a github project page to manage our project code files. 
Posted by Francesco Baldi on Thursday 16 March 2017 at 11:30