Project progress report - week 12

This week has been devoted to the following activities:

  • "Engineering Optimization" reading
  • Course in Model Predictive Control
  • ECOS 2015 paper extension


"Engineering optimization" reading

I finished reading the book "Engineering Optmization", written by S.S. Rao. 

During this week of book reading, I finished reading chapter 13 and completed chapter 14 and Appendix B

  • Chapter 13: Modern methods of optimization
  • Chapter 14: Practical aspects of optimization
  • Appendix B: Some computational aspects of optimization


Model predictive control course 

This week's lecture of the MPC course dealt with MPC's practical implementation itself. 

During the previous week, the lectures focused on providing the theoretical basis and justification for MPC. These, however, cannot always be translated into practice. That is why the subject of this lecture was: how do we practically implement MPC?

The lecture mostly revolved around the following concepts:

  • MPC stability with no terminal constraint
  • Tracking - how does it works when the objective of the control changes over time?
  • Avoiding offsets in MPC (where we cannot have an integral part)
  • Stable MPCs doing tracking without offset


ECOS 2015 paper extension

Work continued on the extension of ECOS 2015 paper. In particular, I prepared the data structure for the generation of the required data for the energy and exergy analysis. 

The data will be structured as follows:

  1. System level: Main engines, Auxiliary engines, Others
  2. Unit/component level: Turbocharger, Coolers, etc
  3. Stream level: Water_in, Air_out, etc
  4. Stream features: Mdot, T, Qdot, etc.

The main task is now that of filling in the fields. This requries:

  • Reading existing values from the database
  • Processing them


Posted by Francesco Baldi on Monday 10 April 2017 at 7:57