Project progress report - week 27-28

These weeks' work has been devoted to the following activities:

  • Preparation of the MOSES-2017 Workshop
  • ECOS 2015 paper extension
  • Application for Finnish Academy PostDoc funding
  • Work for SCC conference
  • Osmose ET library 


Preparation of the MOSES-2017 Workshop

At last it arrived - the letter from the SNF with the results of the application I sent in - uh, when? like in May? - for organizing a workshop about modelling and optimization of ship energy systems.

It seems like I did not lose my touch for applications - it got granted!

So, these two weeks have seen quite a feverish activity related to the organization of the workshop. I had to:

  • Contact the speakers. Make sure they would come
  • Prepare a website for the event
  • Prepare the registration form
  • Prepare the abstract sumbission form
  • Design a conference invitation brochure
  • More...

But all this is for a good cause. Do not miss it: 23rd to 25th of October, in Sion


ECOS 2015 paper extension

We are getting close. Values are becoming more definitive. The analysis is iterating down to a point I might even be satisfied with it. Still, the heat demand part is unnvervingly inaccurate, but at a certain point we might as well simply live with it. 

At the end of last week, I got an interesting trail to follow about the heat demand. I'll keep you posted about it...


Application for postdoc at Academy of Finland

The work is going on on this side - in the last two weeks, many of the sections have taken a better shape and more detail. Still, there's much to be done: write down more section extensively, "clean" the text from inconsistencies (my view of the idea gets clearer and clearer the more I write, so the first parts often do not agree with the last) but at least things are moving forward.


Work for the SCC conference

I had one main reason for sending in an abstract for the Shipping in Changing Climate Conference: it would force me to do something related to that subject. 

It is working. Kind of. So I advanced a bit, but I am still quite far away from having anything of value to present. Let's hope I manage!

As it looks right now, I will try to address a simple case, just to show the potential of the method. In this, I will compare the use of  fuel cells (SOFC) and of Diesel engines, from the point of view of process integration. 


Osmose ET library

When looking for fuel cells to try to put on my ship, I realised that someone else surely had already modelled one, and that there must be a common shared repository with ET (energy technologies, the way the models of different units are called in Osmose) for people to use. 

When I realised that there was not such thing, I decided to gather some people and tried to do something about it.

That's how it all started. We are making plans. Stay tuned.

Posted by Francesco Baldi on Monday 7 August 2017 at 11:35