03_Nov_Team18_Roussinova Evgenia

Summary of the today's session

What we did:

- we received the feedback from the mid-term presentation and the M1 report, and we discussed it with the professors (most importantly, we discussed the critical points of our project concept)

- we discussed the possible manufacturing methods for prototyping of the lid and the iris opening: we sent a quote demand for a semi-spherical plastic lid, we considered simplifying the shape (rectangular instead of curved) for the prototype; for the iris, we thought of making it out of wood instead of metal for cheaper fabrication

- we reviewed the characteristics and prices of the sensors that we had found on different websites

- we discussed the iris mechanism's design and actuation


What are the next goals?

- create a list with all the electronics components that we will buy (make a final decision about the types of sensors and find the best price for the required characterisics)

- work on the design of the iris opening + choose a motor

- finalize the design of the lid





Posted by Evgenia Roussinova on Friday 3 November 2017 at 23:43