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how to install openCV 3.0

- Install opencv 3.0
- Compile all the libraries
- Go to the "Apps" directory and compile an example
- Place the "Lab" directory with the 2 c examples at the same level that "Apps".
(highgui.dll should be copied to the examples folders, too)

If "streams.h" does not exist:
(when compiling cvcam in other_libs directory, for example)

- Install DirectX-SDK
- Add 3 paths to VC++ (see cvstreams.h for more details)
Attention: if you make the link in Administrator mode, the others
will not have the paths addec to their VC++

- if there is linking error during compilation, check if all the .lib have been put in the project settings
- run RegisterAll.bat in openCV/bin, as Administrator, to register the libs.
- Settings->control panel->system->advanced->environment variables, and add a variabvle PATH= %PATH% "c:/openCV/bin/"

If tou want to use CVCam with 2 cameras:

-Compile library of baseclass direct show (C:\DX90SDK\Samples\C++\DirectShow\BaseClasses) in debug and release mode
-Put the lib in openCV lib folder (or create new paths in VC++)
-compile syncfilter
Posted by Sylvain Calinon on Tuesday 25 October 2005 at 15:32