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NRC-EPFL Seminar Series webpage created
link: NRC-EPFL Seminar
Posted by Emilie Pralong at 13:39
Thesis public defense (archives page) created
link:Public thesis defense archives
Posted by Emilie Pralong at 10:34
BMI Update
Seminars archives 2005-2008 updated. (antichronological order)
Posted by Emilie Pralong at 11:10
Inaugural lectures of Prof. Magistretti and Prof. Markram
Inaugural lectures of Prof Magistretti (in French) and Prof Markram (In English) available online on EPFL TV, School of Life Sciences Channel nr 31
Posted by Emilie Pralong at 8:52
BMI website update
Lecture series on mind & brain updated.
Posted by Emilie Pralong at 10:25
New BMI webmaster
Welcome to Emilie Pralong who is becoming your new webmaster !
Posted by Jaime Ruiz at 11:17
New seminar series
A link to the Computational Neuroscience Seminars has been added to the seminar page and to the seminar box on the BMI home page.
Posted by Jaime Ruiz at 9:40
Seminar updates
Add new seminar page to the main menu. Update archive section with 2008 pages. Switch from link navigation boxes to index tree boxes.
Posted by Jaime Ruiz at 11:45
BMI Updates
News and thesis feed updated. Faculty page updated.
Posted by Jaime Ruiz at 9:57
BMI researchers awarded by the Michael J. Fox Foundation
January 2008: Two senior researchers were awarded by the Michael J. Fox Foundation for their research projects in Parkinson; Prof. Hilal Lashuel and Dr Romain Zufferey are working in the Brain Mind Institute, within the School of Life Sciences; Hilal Lashuel, Assistant Professor and Head of the of Molecular Neurobiology and Functional Neuroproteomics Lab and Romain Zufferey, senior scientist at the Study for Neurodegenerative Diseases' Lab.
Posted by Jaime Ruiz at 9:46
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