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The Menu is prepared!!!!!!

3 francs for Sangria and other stuff already paid:
- Aida
- Olivier
- Liviu
- Michael
- Manon
- Amir
- Dragana
- Stephanie
- Anna
- Thomas
- Erik

What about these ones??
- Luc
- Sungani


Main Courses:

Liviu: Chips, olives and nachos + Beer

Dragana:"viande seche", salad (green pepper with cheese) + wine

Olivier: Beer, and pasta salad

Steph: Huge pizza + Coca Light

Erik: Big salad + SOFT drink

Anna: Bruschetta + Sprite

Manon: Big Salad + Wine


Aida: Cheesecake + Sangria

Luc: A chocolate dessert + SOFT drink

Thomas: Ice cream + orange juice

Amir: Chocolate cookies + Nogatine with chocolate cookies + lunettes

Sungani: Foret Noire + Soft Drink

Michael: Salade de Fruits + Ice Tea
Posted by Aida Fernandez Pena on Thursday 15 June 2006 at 16:50