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Some lecture notes taken during the Asian Summer School can be found in the following video.



...The song, that we all heard either during the spring course, in Lausanne's Summer School, or in any shop/bar in Shanghai, makes more sense after two weeks spent in this truely Chinese-speaking city. And maybe helps understand it.




Zhong Guo Hua  

People of every skin color, people of every hair color
What they’re reading, what they’re saying
Is the increasingly popular Chinese language

How many years did we painstakingly practice English pronunciation and learn their grammar?
For a change, now it’s their turn to roll their tongues and learn our intonations
How smart the Chinese are! And how beautiful our language is!

The whole world is learning Chinese
Confucius’ words are becoming world culture
The language that we speak, commands respect from the world




Posted by Sébastien Cajot on Friday 17 September 2010 at 16:03