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Summer School CAS 2010 blog

World Expo (part 2)

Here you can see:

- Iran pavilion

- Morocco pavilion 

Posted by Hamza Benmoussa at 19:19
World Expo (part 1)

A general atmosphere of the Shanghai World Expo. What was amazing was certainly the organization. I was just astonished by the number of people that were inside the Expo and the Chinese people did a great job in managing this huge crowd.

In this clip, you can briefly see inside these country pavilions (in order): Slovakia, Montenegro, Cuba, Canada, Mexico, Algeria, Uzbekistan. Among them, I liked most the mexican one.


Posted by Hamza Benmoussa at 19:15
Contemporary Art

In this video:

- Contemporary art in Shanghai

- Final day in Shanghai at Swissnex

- Brief views of Shanghai's metro & East Nanjing Road

Posted by Hamza Benmoussa at 21:19
Trip to Suzhou


That trip was the occasion to see something authentic and truly Chinese in contrast to Shanghai which is almost like any other big western city.

The Chinese garden (The Humble Administrator) was charming as well as the boat ride in the Venitian-like canals of Suzhou.  

Posted by Hamza Benmoussa at 21:09
ISEC moments

Pictures taken at the Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore, India

Posted by Sébastien Cajot at 16:12

Some lecture notes taken during the Asian Summer School can be found in the following video.



...The song, that we all heard either during the spring course, in Lausanne's Summer School, or in any shop/bar in Shanghai, makes more sense after two weeks spent in this truely Chinese-speaking city. And maybe helps understand it.




Zhong Guo Hua  

People of every skin color, people of every hair color
What they’re reading, what they’re saying
Is the increasingly popular Chinese language

How many years did we painstakingly practice English pronunciation and learn their grammar?
For a change, now it’s their turn to roll their tongues and learn our intonations
How smart the Chinese are! And how beautiful our language is!

The whole world is learning Chinese
Confucius’ words are becoming world culture
The language that we speak, commands respect from the world




Posted by Sébastien Cajot at 16:03
On the way home

Shanghai Pudong International Airport


"CAS 2010 - Building the future"


Posted by Sébastien Cajot at 14:56
Safari trip to Bandipur - Mysore

That was a lovely weekend and I must admit that the countryside in India has much more charm and beauty than cities.


Posted by Hamza Benmoussa at 7:58
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Various little scenes in Bangalore

What will I remember from India?

- the crazy traffic in streets

- food which was excellent (some of you may not agree but I found it on average much better than in Shanghai)

In this short clip, you'll find:

- the "Deccanal Shake", that weird way of noding we'll all remember

- Indian food

- Natalia commenting on a course at ISEC

- Crossing a road near Bangalore Old Market


Posted by Hamza Benmoussa at 17:10
(Very long) trip to CK Pura

Hi again,


That was a memorable day: beautiful landscape on the road, very uncomfortable bus but funny things happened on the way to this remote village of CK Pura. However, a question remains: is there a sense to this CommonSense project?

By the way, the bus part on the video is only 4 minutes long but it took actually 4 hours that day!

Posted by Hamza Benmoussa at 14:25
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