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Summer School CAS 2010 blog

Indian flute concert



You may remember this evening and the wonderful yummy dinner that followed at this little hotel in Bangalore (the name was Aspasia). 

Posted by Hamza Benmoussa at 11:42
Presenting the group

Not always easy to define who we are. Here Hans Peter is presenting the group to western expats in Bangalore.

Posted by Hamza Benmoussa at 10:32
Class at ISEC

Hello everyone,

I finally managed to post the first video

It is the class at ISEC campus and some moments on the way to get there.

Other videos will follow... and don't forget to post your own videos/photos!




Posted by Hamza Benmoussa at 9:35
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Welcome to India
Posted by Dinesh Bolkensteyn at 8:31
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