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Zero Energy Residential Unit (ZERU) International Design Competition

The University of East London, UK together with Ain Shams University, Egypt are announcing an open call for entries to an international design competition for senior students and recent graduates of architecture and architectural technology with a first prize of 3,000 USD. The design brief is based on designing zero energy residential prototypes to help the Egyptian government achieve its short-term target of building 1M low cost and low-zero energy housing units.

The deadline for registration is 22nd February 2018.

The attached documents include all the details.

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INSPIRELI AWARDS - an international competition in architecture, urban design, interior design and applied art for students of architecture and young architects under the age of 35.

660 competition projects from 92 countries were submitted until today and there are many more projects to come. Don't miss them out, and visit the INSPIRELI AWARDS 2017 Gallery. Would you like to enter? Register here.

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2017 WAS awards

We are sure you’ll have a bunch of great projects you’ve worked on during the last year and we want to see your best!

The WAS awards are FREE to join and will not only give you the opportunity to win some really cool prizes for work you’ve already done but they will also allow you to see where you stand not only against your classmates but also against other students from other schools in other places, some of which will have very different points of views and approaches to architecture than yours.

The WAS awards are a place to share, win, learn and keep growing as an architect. Welcome to the WikiArquitectua Student Awards 2017!

This is the website of the WAS Awards:


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Le but ? Créer un concept de restaurant pour 2030 au travers d’un marathon créatif de 24h

Le prix à gagner ? L’équipe gagnante reçoit 6'000.- CHF

Les équipes ? 6 écoles participantes (EPFL, HEC, ECAL, EHL, ITHQ de Montréal et Westminster Kingsway College de Londres) , chaque équipe comprend un étudiant de chaque école afin d’avoir un échange multidisciplinaire

Les dates ? du 24 Novembre 16h30 au 25 Novembre 20h

Les petits plus ? Créativité et innovation, rencontres avec d’autres étudiants, team building, cours de yoga, nourriture et boisson

Plus d’informations ?
Rejoignez cette nouvelle aventure et inscrivez-vous dès aujourd’hui à

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Festival Lausanne Lumières

Organisé par le Festival Lausanne Lumières, ce concept propose d’offrir une plateforme
aux jeunes artistes et designers de la région en leur donnant l’opportunité par le biais d’un
concours, d’exposer leurs créations pendant le Festival.
« NEXT » se définit comme un « festival off » proposant la mise en avant d’idées, de
technologies ou de savoir-faire en transformant des vitrines de commerçants en galerie d’art.
Installés sur le périmètre du Festival, les projets « NEXT » proposent un travail différent de la
lumière dans une démarche artistique exploratoire et permettent la mise en avant d’artistes
locaux en leur offrant une visibilité exceptionelle.


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The Fondazione Frate Sole (Foundation), with the desire to promote and highlight the contributions of young graduates, establishes the European Award for Sacred Architecture for 2017,aimed at a project for Churches of Christian worship as the topic for university, doctorate, and master theses.
The purpose of the contest is to promote interest and research in the field of sacred architecture, starting from university level, so as to implement the artistic and mystical qualities designed to make sacred spaces a place of spiritual exaltation, which respond to the acquired communitarian conception of liturgy.



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Chantiers 2017 / Workcamps 2017

Le Programme des chantiers de bénévoles 2017 est en ligne !!    

Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant !       

C’est quoi un chantier ?

Un lieu où des gens de tous horizons géographiques, sociaux et culturels se rencontrent pour contribuer ensemble à un projet commun d’aménagement ou d’embellissement du patrimoine local.

Un chantier c'est douze citoyens bénévoles, venus passer des vacances utiles, faites d'échanges interculturels : une véritable aventure humaine inoubliable...Sous le soleil!


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Group Invitation to Ideas in Action Summit: Reform Refugee Response

Following the competition, we are proud to announce that Ideas in Action Summit: Reform Refugee Response ( will be held on April 22nd at NYU Law School! The annual event is co-hosted by Ideation Worldwide alongside IOM, UN HABITAT, Yale MacMillan and other notable agencies. It will bring together diplomats, UN representatives, journalists, architects and academics from Harvard, Columbia, Cooper Union and NYU, to discuss refugee not as “problems", but as opportunities and solutions.

To thank all the participants from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, we’d like to invite all students at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne to join! Any group of 4+ attending the event can order the discounted “Group Admission” ticket on Eventbrite to confirm the spots; we will provide full-refund within a week of the event after checking-in the attendees on April 22nd. Please find the link here:

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Ideenwettbewerb "Gestaltung des Portals der Galerie Salezertobel Davos"

Die Gemeinde Davos beabsichtigt mit der Unternehmergruppe Davos einen Ideenwettbewerb unter den drei Schulen ETH Zürich, EPFL Lausanne und USI Mendrisio, zu lancieren.
Das Wettbewerbsprogramm ersehen Sie aus der Beilage, es kann bei uns auch jederzeit elektronisch angefordert werden.


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Kaira Looro International Architecture Competition

The aim of the competition is to create a holy architecture which should become a symbol for the territory and help communities to overcome difficulties. The winning project will be given to the Non Profit International Organization Balouo Salo and then will be donated to Tanaf community to build it. The Balouo Salo OINP reserves the right to adopt the proposal as a charity project and to engage the awarded team during the construction. This competition is also promoted as a financial contribution to the humanitarian project carried out by the OINP Balouo Salo. All the application fees will be donated to “A Bridge for Life” (

The Kaira Looro logo features the name flanked by three simple traits that have a double interpretation. The three sections on the left of the logo represent both the tides changing trajectory before Kaira Looro that the purpose of Balouo Salo project to restore health, nutrition and wealth.


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