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With the Manifesta12 biennale, the Planetary Garden, the workshop is organised by HydroCity in partnership with CODESIGNLAB, the Polytechnic School of the University of Palermo, and the Gerphau in Paris. The workshop will gather a group of fifteen students and professionals for a period of 10 days to work on the city of Palermo through its Xth century abandoned qanat water network. How can questions of heritage, infrastructure, and natural resources generate urban renewal in a juxtaposition of scales? The workshop will produce a collective publication in print and an in-situ installation that will serve to re-use and reveal the invisible network.


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L'Association YMCA-UCJG de Paris a le plaisir de vous annoncer le lancement de son Concours d'idées en Architecture «Réinventer le 14, rue de Trévise», créé à l'occasion du Jubilé des 125ans de son bâtiment du 14, rue de Trévise à Paris 9e.

Un onglet spécifique au Concours a été créé sur la page internet de l'Association :

Vous y trouverez toutes les informations et documents nécessaires: affiche, règlement, et cahier des charges y sont téléchargeables.

Le concours est ouvert aux étudiants en Master et diplômés de moins d'un an (France, Suisse, Belgique) de 18 à 30 ans. Ils peuvent concourir en individuel ou en binôme. Il est doté de trois Prix (Premier 5000€, Deuxième 3000€, Troisième 2000€) et de deux Mentions Honorables.

Les inscriptions sont ouvertes du 14 mai au 30 juin 2018. Rendu le 01 septembre 2018. La remise des prix aura lieu lors des Journées Européennes du Patrimoine le 15 septembre 2018. Les cinq projets lauréats seront exposés à l'occasion.

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Ricky Liu & Associates (RLA)

Ricky Liu & Associates (RLA), the largest architectural design firm in Taiwan, is pleased to offer an International Internship Program for the summer of 2018 during the months from June to August. Details of the program are included in the enclosed cover letter and promotion poster.
Last year our internship program included 30 students from various countries, such as France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Taiwan. The students experienced a successful interchange of ideas and cultures while learning about the different areas of architecture through hands-on practice. The young interns gave us valuable feedback, enabling us to further develop the internship program and the dynamic culture of our working environment.
The 2018 summer internship program will be even broader in scope and scale. We are inviting students from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, the United States, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Interns will have the opportunity to introduce their country and culture, share their common enthusiasm for architecture and learn from each other.
RLA will provide interns with room and board during their stay. We want to ensure that the students will be free of difficulties with day-to-day living in Taiwan, so they can focus on the discovery of their strengths. We hope this will help them with their careers in the future.
Please offer this wonderful internship opportunity to your architecture students and any others who might be interested. Kevin Liu, the son of our principal architect, was one of our interns who benefited from the program. We hope to be able to collaborate with your prestigious institution and hope to hear from your applicants soon.

Summary and program review, please refer to:

In order to provide more opportunities for international students to come to Taiwan and have chances for interchanging their knowledge and culture, we decide to extend application date to May 31.

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8 th International Workshop of Architecture

The future of recreational infrastructures: sustainable environment and varied users


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