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Forum Bâtire et planifier 2018

Organisé conjointement par la SIA, la FSAP et la FSU

12 novembre 2018  de 13h à 17h30

Rue de Lausanne 60
1020 Renens

Les villes vont-elles redevenir des espaces de production – ou du moins sauvegarder ce qu’il
en reste ? Plusieurs décennies de division de la ville en zones distinctes ont en effet poussé l’économie productive à se déployer de manière peu dense dans les périphéries, sans y apporter de réelle plus-value. Au contraire, ce découpage du territoire urbain a inutilement multiplié les déplacements et provoqué une disparition progressive des interactions spontanées entre les différents usagers du territoire urbanisé.


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Bulding, Film, and Tourism in Post-War Rome.

The Urbanism of "La Dolce Vita"


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AA Visiting School nanotourism 2018

This years’ programme will research and develop strategies of nanotourism in Honolulu, Hawaii, a context defined by a mix of indigenous and contemporary cultures, operating in an environment globally famous for its industry of mass tourism. On an average day, Hawaii’s 1.4 million residents host 220,000 visitors and up to 35,000 people fly in and out of its airports. In 2017 more than 9.1 million tourists were projected to visit Hawaii, with an expected rise to just over 9.5 million by 2020. The intensive two-week,  research-design-build programme will focus on Kaka‘ako, an emerging and vibrant 600-acre waterfront district in downtown Honolulu. Through hands-on collaboration with local institutions, we will develop strategies and projects, that aim at challenging the existing notion of tourism by creating hyper site-specific interventions in 1:1 scale.

nanotourism is a creative critique to the effects of mainstream tourism and operates as a site specific, participatory, locally oriented, bottom-up alternative by stimulating mutual interaction between user and provider through co-creation and exchange of knowledge.



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Courses in Art, Design and Architecture during Venice Biennale

The Academy offers short courses in Art, Architecture and Design during Venice Biennale in Italy.

With European Cultural Academy your students can explore Venice as an insider; meet professors from Tate Modern, Cambridge University, ArchDaily, Venice Biennale, get behind the scenes of major art and architecture events or just enjoy prosecco on the balconies of our four palaces in the historic centre of Venice.  
For more information see our website and watch our video.

ECA brochure

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