Lost And Found

Lost Apple Pencil


If someone finds an Apple Pencil lying lonely somewhere on the campus please contact me, I've lost mine on friday most probably at EPFL.


Posted by Jeniffer Lima Graf at 21:16
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I have lost my keys. The keychain is made of metal, clips type, and clip doesn't work properly because the spring of the keychain is broken. There are a black bottle opener and 3 keys. It is written Satellite on this black bottle opener. I don't know the keys brand but there are 2 regular size keys and 1 small one (mailbox). One of the regular size key is KESO type.

If you found, please contact me on tafarel.deavilaferreira@epfl.ch

Posted by Tafarel De Avila Ferreira at 0:44
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Lost Books @ Satellite


I left 3 books in a white paper bag in Satellite on the evening of 31st January.
The 3 books were from the library, and were :

1)  A primer of genome science Greg Gibson, Spencer V. Muse

2)  Introduction to algorithms Thomas H. Cormen ... [et al.]

3) Understanding bioinformatics Marketa Zvelebil & Jeremy O. Baum

And this is where I remember leaving them.


If any of you have seen them, I would be grateful if you can get in touch with me at : sharada.mohanty@epfl.ch


Posted by Sharada Prasanna Mohanty at 12:29
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Red Sigg Traveller Water Bottle (From FPL Conference)


I lost my red Sigg water bottle, that was a souvenir from the FPL conference in the M1 metro between Renens and EPFL, today at around 8:30 am. Yes it is not a phone or a loptop but I love it and I hope I can find it!

Please write to: aya.ibrahim@epfl.ch if you found it. Thanks a lot!

Posted by Aya Mohamed Naguib Ahmed Ibrahim at 9:13
Wallet and phone BM5, 18.12.15

I probably lost my wallet and phone in the ladie's toilet in BM building, 5th floor (right next to the cafeteria) today around 5pm.

Please write to zoe.koelbing@epfl.ch if you found it - thanks a lot!

Posted by Zoe Franca Barbara Koelbing at 18:42
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Lost view glasses


I lost my glasses at EPFL. Theyr are black inside a soft case. The brand is O'neill.

if found pls contact patrick.bonzi@epfl.ch

Posted by Patrick Bonzi at 11:02
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Lost my bag in sat

Yesterday night I left a blue jeans eastpack at sat,

there were inside an iPad Air, my wallet, a couple of books and my glasses.

please contact me to andrea.destasio@epfl.ch

Posted by Andrea Giacomo De Stasio at 11:53
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Lost MACBOOK please :(

Hi all,



I lost my bacbook in the metro M1, from epfl to renens, at around 8AM.

(it was still in the original box - you can find my phone number in the login window)

Please, let me know if you hear anything about it


thanks for your help

Posted by Gianrocco Lazzari at 13:26
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Lost Phone


I lost my phone, a black Alcatel Onetouch Pixi3 somewhere between the EPFL metro stop and the park by the lake.  It's a brand new phone so I didn't have any contacts on it yet.  If anyone finds it please contact me at caroline.neaves@epfl.ch



Posted by Caroline Neaves at 19:28
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Keys Lost


I lost my keys today on my way from UNIL-Sorge metro station to Rolex Learning Center. It has 3 keys, a plastic card and a white strap on it with green "ISIC" texts on it. If you found, please let me know asap (szabolcs.balasi@epfl.ch).

Thanks in advance!


Posted by Szabolcs Balási at 18:48
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