Lost And Found

Found phone

I found a black iphone wih a black cover next to the INJ building.



+41 786846096

Posted by Kirtan Shyamal Padh at 11:47
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Men's watch with leather strap found in BS260

On Friday, 11.11.2016, I found a men's watch with leather strap in BS260.

You can come pick it up at my office: Quartier UNIL-Dorigny, Bâtiment Extranef, #244.


Posted by Kornelia Fabisik at 9:36
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Lunettes - Glasses found


I found a pair of glasses in the GC D building (in the ladies toilette).

Please contact me if you have lost them. A description is required to get them back :)

email: valentina.favero@epfl.ch

phone: +41 (0)21 693 23 13

Posted by Valentina Favero at 9:50
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Necklace in the Sports center


I found a nacklace in the female locker room at the Sports center.

You can contact me by mail miranda.krekovic@epfl.ch.


Posted by Miranda Krekovic at 0:57
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Blue jacket with keys found in CM


I found a blue jacket in the first level of CM building. There were some keys in the pockets. You can contact me by mail tom-alexandre.bertrand@epfl.ch or by phone +33610188383.

Important : I won't be here during easter but it can be found by contacting me. Otherwise it will be given to the reception desk by monday 13th.






Posted by Tom-Alexandre Bertrand at 20:27
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Key found near parc scientifique



We found a key next to the bus stop at parc scientifique. It's a single key with a strap on it saying: www.allievicvc.it


If you know who it belongs to please contact me.





Posted by Peter Eckert at 15:29
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USB Lego

Hi folks!

I found an USB key made as a Lego piece in the Computer Science building.

I will keep it until next Monday, then I'll return it to the Lost+Found office.



Posted by Andrea Martini at 11:03
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Tablet found at BC bathroom

Tablet found at BC bathroom this afternoon of July 24th, secretaries were closed so it is with me. Tomorrow it will be with lost+found if its not closed. Contact me back if its yours (pamela.delgado@epfl.ch)

Posted by Pamela Isabel Delgado Borda at 15:36
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Iphone found at BM building 5th floor

An Iphone was found this morning, June 23rd, during lunch time. The mobile will be with me today, and tomorrow. Starting from tomorrow afternoon, the mobile will be returned to the Lost + Found office.

Contact me back.

Andrea Crema.

Posted by Andrea Crema at 14:34
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Found Keyring with two champagne plugs


I found a keyring with several keys, two champagne plugs and a Carlsberg band at the Metro station of EPFL this evening (Sunday). I will have them at EPFL tomorrow, so please contact me if it is yours. Otherwise I'll leave them at the lost and found office of EPFL on Tuesday (when it opens).

Matteo Mancuso

Posted by Matteo Mancuso at 23:57
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