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Jonas Eliasson's talk at TEDxHelvetia has been spoted by TED and made it to!

I already wrote on this blog about Jonas's talk on October 1: The Cost of Congestion

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The Cost of Congestion

On September 13, 2012, a TEDx event took place at EPFL, TEDxHelvetia. It has been organised by EPFL and the EPFL Alumni association, with the financial support of Lombard Odier.

One talk was about transportation, and more precisely about congestion charging and the case of Stockholm. You'll learn who is in charge of bread supply in London. It's about incentives, selforganization and public support for a toll. You'll see that people adapt without noticing; they not only change their opinion about the policy but believe they haven't changed their mind.

Jonas Eliasson is a Professor at KTH, Stockholm and Director of the Centre for Transport Studies.

His research interests include transport modeling, appraisal and cost-benefit analysis, valuation of non-market goods (e.g. travel time and intrusion effects), transport policy, transport planning and road pricing. He has been heavily involved in the design, planning and evaluation of the Stockholm congestion charges, and is frequently engaged as an advisor to other cities considering congestion pricing systems. He has been responsible for the modeling and appraisal of several major Swedish infrastructure investments, and is currently chairing the committee for transport modeling and cost-benefit analysis of the National Transport Investment Plan.
Some results from recent research on congestion pricing were also presented in the Latsis Symposium 2012: 1st European Symposium on Quantitative Methods in Transportation SystemsThe 2nd symposium will take place in KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, in September 2013 organized by Jonas Eliasson, precisely: "2nd Symposium of the European Association for Research in Transportation", aka "hEART 2013" (hEART stands for "hEART - the European Association for Research in Transportation", a recursive acronym).
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