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Communicating with Confidence Class

Communicating with Confidence Course Info

Dear Class,

I have created this blog in order to place important information related to the Communicating with Confidence course. 

In this initial article, you will find:

1.  The timetable for the course with the respective tasks and their due dates.

2.  A copy of the instructions on how to prepare your 'news article summary'

3.  A copy of the self evaluation form to be completed after presenting your news article summary

4.  A copy of the Vocabulary Activity Project canevas

5.  A copy of the Learning to Learn Language Biography activity focusing on Speaking skills.

Also please note that I have added the possibility to write an informal or formal letter (topic of your choice 150-200 words) as one of your coursework tasks.  If you prefer to do this task in the place of one of the other proposed tasks, it is due May 3 or sooner.

See you on the 19th of April.






Posted by Cynthia Anderson Jenny at 15:29