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Center for Neuroprosthetics

FENS-IBRO Imaging Training Center 2013


FENS-IBRO Imaging Training Center 2013

Imaging Human Brain Structure and Function

Lausanne & Geneva, Switzerland
August 25 - September 13, 2013 

Please visit the web site and check the schedule of this training program in basic and clinical neuroscience research.


Highlights for the CNP:


2nd week, CHUV, 2/6 September 2013, MR Imaging in Translational Neuroscience
=> Presentation by Grégoire Courtine on Brain lesions and plasticity
3rd week, EPFL, 9/13 September 2013, Perceiving, Integrating and Controlling the Sensory Environment
Hosted by Olaf Blanke, José del R. Millán, and Micah Murray
=> Présentations by José del R. Millán, Ricardo Chavarriaga, Olaf Blanke, Andrea Serino (BCI, Neuroprosthetics Interaction & Self Perception) and by Roberto Martuzzi (High-field fMRI in humans).


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