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Forum Bâtire et planifier 2018

Organisé conjointement par la SIA, la FSAP et la FSU

12 novembre 2018  de 13h à 17h30

Rue de Lausanne 60
1020 Renens

Les villes vont-elles redevenir des espaces de production – ou du moins sauvegarder ce qu’il
en reste ? Plusieurs décennies de division de la ville en zones distinctes ont en effet poussé l’économie productive à se déployer de manière peu dense dans les périphéries, sans y apporter de réelle plus-value. Au contraire, ce découpage du territoire urbain a inutilement multiplié les déplacements et provoqué une disparition progressive des interactions spontanées entre les différents usagers du territoire urbanisé.


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Sustainable is beautiful

Après trois expériences couronnées de succès, le Laboratoire d'architecture et technologies durables (LAST) organise une nouvelle édition du concours pour étudiants en architecture "Sustainable is beautiful".

Plus d'informations

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UNBUILDING WALLS Travel Fellowship

As a continuation of the exhibition UNBUILDING WALLS at the 16th Architecture Biennale in Venice, the curators of the German Pavilion, the architects GRAFT and the politician Marianne Birthler, are initiating and awarding two UNBUILDING WALLS travel grants worth 3,000 euros each.
Carried by the idea of sensitizing the next generation to current walls, boundaries and their implications, the curators would like to deepen the topic as a field of research. Students with architectural and artistic projects about built, physical or strategic interventions aimed at overcoming barriers, can apply for the fellowship.
In addition to classical research and design projects, initiatives, media documentaries or other conceptual ideas dealing with the subject of UNBUILDING WALLS will be supported. The aim of the work may be to investigate the social and political implications of walls and borders or to develop designs for physical intervention. The result should meet an artistic and creative aspiration.
Applications for the fellowship can be submitted between 3 October and 31 December 2018 at
Further information, the award and the application form can be found here.

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Saviva F & B Challenge

Concours Interdisciplinaire sur 24h chrono
23-24 novembre 2018 à l'EHL

Sur le thème de la restauration

Composer un groupe de 4 étudiants architectes pour postuler.
600CHF  pour le gagnant
50CHF d'inscription en sus.

En guest star et "accompanying staff member" le professeur Corentin Fivet!

Plus d'informations sur le règlement et le poster

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Appel à projets
Depuis la fin des années 1940, l’Institut Suisse de Rome (Istituto Svizzero) accueille des artistes et chercheurs désireux de poursuivre leurs activités de recherche et de se perfectionner dans la Cité éternelle. Chaque année, il continue ainsi d’offrir la possibilité d’une résidence à douze artistes et chercheurs, en sus de sa mission visant à promouvoir et à faciliter les échanges culturels et scientifiques entre la Suisse et l’Italie.

Dans le cadre de l’élargissement de ses activités, l’Istituto Svizzero accueille désormais des « Summer Schools » au sein de ses locaux dans la splendide Villa Maraini, située en plein coeur de Rome. Pourront être présentés des projets issus de toutes les disciplines mais devant impérativement 1) offrir aux participants une nouvelle perspective sur Rome ou, de manière plus générale, sur l’Italie, et/ou 2) favoriser la collaboration interdisciplinaire art-science. À cette occasion, l’Istituto Svizzero, d’entente avec swissuniversities, la Conférence des recteurs des Hautes écoles suisses, lance un appel à projets pour des « Summer Schools » en 2019.


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The Equitone company and Karl Krämer Verlag tender the Egon Eiermann Award in 2019 - an international competition for architecture students and graduates, whose diploma, bachelor or master in architecture dates back no more than two years. Since 1991 the company and the publisher organizes this Award, until last year only for german students. Now the competition will be launched for the first time in several European countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Hungary and Romania.

The participants of the competition are to deal with a gap or suitable area within a freely selectable city and design a new building, an extension of an existing building or an addition to a building with the premise of giving the surrounding urban space a new quality. Enclosed you find the brief with further information.

The total price is 5000 euros. Several prizes will be awarded. The distribution of the prize sum is decided upon by the jury. For those prize-winning works that were supervised by a university chair or department the competition organisers will make an additional sum of 1000 euros available to the chair to cover excursion costs.


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Future Urban Home Competition

How will we live in cities in 100 years' time? To find out, Dezeen has teamed up with MINI Living to invite readers to design an urban home of the future, with £10,000 to be won.

The Future Urban Home Competition is an extension of the ongoing Dezeen x MINI Living Initiative, a collaboration between Dezeen and MINI Living exploring the ideas that could shape our cities in years to come.

It is calling for readers to explore how life in cities will change over the next century, and how this will affect the design of new homes.

MINI Living explores creative use of space

MINI launched the MINI Living project with the aim to translate one of the car brand's key design principles – the creative use of space – into real architectural solutions for how people live, work and interact in cities.

Looking predominantly at small spaces, the project seeks to answer urban challenges in a way that combines the brand's design knowledge with the spirit of experience and fun under the maxim: "big life, small footprint".

For the competition, we are looking for conceptual designs that respond to this maxim and propose innovative solutions that make the most of available space.

We are also asking entrants to consider what other challenges cities could face in 100 years' time and for their urban home concept to respond creatively to those issues as well.

For more information on how to enter the competition, visit

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With the Manifesta12 biennale, the Planetary Garden, the workshop is organised by HydroCity in partnership with CODESIGNLAB, the Polytechnic School of the University of Palermo, and the Gerphau in Paris. The workshop will gather a group of fifteen students and professionals for a period of 10 days to work on the city of Palermo through its Xth century abandoned qanat water network. How can questions of heritage, infrastructure, and natural resources generate urban renewal in a juxtaposition of scales? The workshop will produce a collective publication in print and an in-situ installation that will serve to re-use and reveal the invisible network.


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Ricky Liu & Associates (RLA)

Ricky Liu & Associates (RLA), the largest architectural design firm in Taiwan, is pleased to offer an International Internship Program for the summer of 2018 during the months from June to August. Details of the program are included in the enclosed cover letter and promotion poster.
Last year our internship program included 30 students from various countries, such as France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Taiwan. The students experienced a successful interchange of ideas and cultures while learning about the different areas of architecture through hands-on practice. The young interns gave us valuable feedback, enabling us to further develop the internship program and the dynamic culture of our working environment.
The 2018 summer internship program will be even broader in scope and scale. We are inviting students from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, the United States, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Interns will have the opportunity to introduce their country and culture, share their common enthusiasm for architecture and learn from each other.
RLA will provide interns with room and board during their stay. We want to ensure that the students will be free of difficulties with day-to-day living in Taiwan, so they can focus on the discovery of their strengths. We hope this will help them with their careers in the future.
Please offer this wonderful internship opportunity to your architecture students and any others who might be interested. Kevin Liu, the son of our principal architect, was one of our interns who benefited from the program. We hope to be able to collaborate with your prestigious institution and hope to hear from your applicants soon.

Summary and program review, please refer to:

In order to provide more opportunities for international students to come to Taiwan and have chances for interchanging their knowledge and culture, we decide to extend application date to May 31.

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Bulding, Film, and Tourism in Post-War Rome.

The Urbanism of "La Dolce Vita"


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