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AA Visiting School nanotourism 2018

This years’ programme will research and develop strategies of nanotourism in Honolulu, Hawaii, a context defined by a mix of indigenous and contemporary cultures, operating in an environment globally famous for its industry of mass tourism. On an average day, Hawaii’s 1.4 million residents host 220,000 visitors and up to 35,000 people fly in and out of its airports. In 2017 more than 9.1 million tourists were projected to visit Hawaii, with an expected rise to just over 9.5 million by 2020. The intensive two-week,  research-design-build programme will focus on Kaka‘ako, an emerging and vibrant 600-acre waterfront district in downtown Honolulu. Through hands-on collaboration with local institutions, we will develop strategies and projects, that aim at challenging the existing notion of tourism by creating hyper site-specific interventions in 1:1 scale.

nanotourism is a creative critique to the effects of mainstream tourism and operates as a site specific, participatory, locally oriented, bottom-up alternative by stimulating mutual interaction between user and provider through co-creation and exchange of knowledge.



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Biomimétisme, ville numérique et big data

Dans le cadre de sa saison "Bio-mimétisme, ville numérique et big data", le Laboratoire Expérimental de la Cité des sciences et de l'industrie organise un workshop du 24 au 29 avril prochains inclus.
Les candidatures pour ce workshop sont ouvertes jusqu'au 15 avril inclus.

Lien sur Cité des sciences et de l'industrie

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Courses in Art, Design and Architecture during Venice Biennale

The Academy offers short courses in Art, Architecture and Design during Venice Biennale in Italy.

With European Cultural Academy your students can explore Venice as an insider; meet professors from Tate Modern, Cambridge University, ArchDaily, Venice Biennale, get behind the scenes of major art and architecture events or just enjoy prosecco on the balconies of our four palaces in the historic centre of Venice.  
For more information see our website and watch our video.

ECA brochure

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Zero Energy Residential Unit (ZERU) International Design Competition

The University of East London, UK together with Ain Shams University, Egypt are announcing an open call for entries to an international design competition for senior students and recent graduates of architecture and architectural technology with a first prize of 3,000 USD. The design brief is based on designing zero energy residential prototypes to help the Egyptian government achieve its short-term target of building 1M low cost and low-zero energy housing units.

The deadline for registration is 22nd February 2018.

The attached documents include all the details.

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INSPIRELI AWARDS - an international competition in architecture, urban design, interior design and applied art for students of architecture and young architects under the age of 35.

660 competition projects from 92 countries were submitted until today and there are many more projects to come. Don't miss them out, and visit the INSPIRELI AWARDS 2017 Gallery. Would you like to enter? Register here.

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Le Grand Colloque de Chirurgie
Mardi 19 décembre 2017

Invité d'honneur

Auditoire Yersin, CHUV, BH-08


Service de Chirurgie viscérale
Professeur Nicolas Demartines

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MA Program Critical Urbanisms

Urban Studies
University of Basel
Critical Urbanisms
Master of Arts

In our rapidly changing and contested global environment, cities are becoming increasingly important: they house a majority of the world’s inhabitants and act as catalysts of social, economic, cultural, and ecological change. Urban Studies at the University of Basel offers a new platform for understanding these planetary transformations, starting from the premise that the world’s urban and environmental challenges call not only for new ways of doing but for new ways of thinking. Imagining alternative futures means rethinking the present—its historical making, its political unfolding, and the ways in which it is made sensible.
The University of Basel’s Master in Critical Urbanisms is an English-taught four-semester program that trains a new generation of graduates to think beyond divisions of urban versus rural and North versus South in order to address the complexity of urban lifeworlds in the twenty-first century. The program is founded by an internationally recognized faculty who work on and with cities and territories from a global perspective. The curriculum is structured around an interdisciplinary research studio where students work together combining humanities and social-scientific methods with visual and spatial analysis, and a semester of study and fieldwork in Cape Town, at the African Centre for Cities of the University of Cape Town.

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GOTHIQUE : Le temps des grandes cathédrales

Après avoir réalisé, en décembre 2015, l’exposition de maquettes OPUS
FRANCIGENUM : Un regard brésilien sur l’architecture religieuse gothique, je
propose une nouvelle exposition dont certains édifices gothiques,
soigneusement sélectionnés, seront représentés à l’échelle de 1/200. Plus
grandes, ces maquettes offrent une représentation plus précise et plus riche
des éléments de détail.
L’exposition GOTHIQUE : Le temps des grandes cathédrales est un
voyage au travers de l’extraordinaire épopée de ces grands vaisseaux de
pierres. Au fil de l’exposition se dévoileront ainsi les secrets de 17 monuments
choisis parmi les plus beaux et les plus emblématiques. Les visiteurs plongeront
dans l’univers de ce nouvel art qui bouleversa l’Europe et qui se voulut toujours
plus haut, toujours plus grand, toujours plus beau !


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2017 WAS awards

We are sure you’ll have a bunch of great projects you’ve worked on during the last year and we want to see your best!

The WAS awards are FREE to join and will not only give you the opportunity to win some really cool prizes for work you’ve already done but they will also allow you to see where you stand not only against your classmates but also against other students from other schools in other places, some of which will have very different points of views and approaches to architecture than yours.

The WAS awards are a place to share, win, learn and keep growing as an architect. Welcome to the WikiArquitectua Student Awards 2017!

This is the website of the WAS Awards:


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Le but ? Créer un concept de restaurant pour 2030 au travers d’un marathon créatif de 24h

Le prix à gagner ? L’équipe gagnante reçoit 6'000.- CHF

Les équipes ? 6 écoles participantes (EPFL, HEC, ECAL, EHL, ITHQ de Montréal et Westminster Kingsway College de Londres) , chaque équipe comprend un étudiant de chaque école afin d’avoir un échange multidisciplinaire

Les dates ? du 24 Novembre 16h30 au 25 Novembre 20h

Les petits plus ? Créativité et innovation, rencontres avec d’autres étudiants, team building, cours de yoga, nourriture et boisson

Plus d’informations ?
Rejoignez cette nouvelle aventure et inscrivez-vous dès aujourd’hui à

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