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Séminiare par M. Sharples (Univ. Nottingham)

MyArtSpace: Technology for Inquiry Learning Between Classrooms and Museums

5 mars, 14:15 en BC 010

MyArtSpace is a service to bridge inquiry learning between schools and museums, using a Java application runing on mobile phones linked to a personal web space. In the classroom, children and teacher frame a topic for inquiry. Then, on a school museum trip they investigate the topic, using the phones to view multimedia presentions about museum exhibits, take photos, record audio, make notes, all of which are sent automatically to their personal webspace, as a time-organised record of their interpretation of the visit. Then, back in the classroom or at home, they can explore and compare their records of the visit, view related resources, and create shared presentations. The system currently runs at three UK museums: the Urbis museum of urban life in Manchester, the D-Day museum in Portsmouth, and the Study Gallery in Poole. I shall describe the design of MyArtSpace, and discuss a year-long evaluation of the project, indicating its successes and failures.
Posted by Pierre Dillenbourg on Thursday 8 February 2007 at 10:25