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Nouvelles du CRAFT

Confrence Miguel Nussbaum

Lundi, 18 octobre, Salle INM202,  à 16:15.


Can a class of students control a single computer with 30 mice?

Miguel Nussbaum mn@ing.puc.cl
Computer Science Department, School of Engineering, Universidad Catolica de Chile

Single Display Groupware (SDG) allows multiple people, in the same physical space, to interact simultaneously over a single communal display, through individual input devices that work on the same machine. In this seminar we show how SDG implemented through a computer, a projector, and one mouse per child can be used inside the classroom. We show two experiences. In the first, a participatory approach that makes use of formative assessment for teaching arithmetic’s. Each student must solve a series of mathematical exercises, generated according to their performance through a set of pedagogical rules incorporated into the system. We established statistically relevant results and observed that the software proved most beneficial for the students with the lowest initial results. This happens because the system adapts to the students’ needs, reinforcing the content they most need to work on, thus generating a personalized learning process. In the second experience, making use of the same implementation of SDG, we propose a Computer Supported Collaborative Learning model for big groups within the classroom. The model the work was based on was a Multiple Classification Matrix and the application we built was for learning language (Spanish). The basic collaboration mechanism the model is based on is Silent Collaboration, in which students –through suggestions and exchanges- must compare their ideas to their classmates’. In both approaches the teacher has an active mediating role supported by technology.

Miguel Nussbaum, Doktor der Technischen Wissenschaften, 'Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule' (ETHZ), 1988, is full professor for Computer Science at the School of Engineering of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Chile. His research is focused in how to transform the classroom experience from the classical teacher oriented to one where students are active learners with projects in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, India, United Kingdom and the United States, and are endorsed by UNESCO. He has published almost 60 journal papers of the ISI catalogue and won the best conference paper award at CSCL 2009.

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Rapport d'activits 2009

Les activits au CRAFT en 2009.
Ci joint le rapport (cliquer sur l'image).

Rapport activités 2009

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Interview de Frdric Kaplan

Une interview de Frdric Kaplan pendant Tlcom 2009, Genve.

"Le PC c'est fini ?: Interview de Frdric Kaplan diffuse sur TSR1 et TSR2"

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Nouveau livre

Le livre "Interactive Artifacts and Furniture Supporting Collaborative Work and Learning" est sorti dans la collection Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Series  publie chez Springer, sous la direction ditoriale de Pierre Dillenbourg, Jeffrey Huang et Mauro Cherubini.


Pour plus d'information : http://www.springer.com/education/learning+%26+instruction/book/978-0-387-77233-2

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3rd European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning.
Times of convergence: Technologies across learning contexts
Dates de la confrence: 16. - 19. September 2008
Lieu de la confrence: Maastricht School of Management, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Lien vers la confrence
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Rapport d'activits pour 2007

Le rapport d'activits pour 2007 est disponible.
Suivre le lien pour le lire.
Lien vers le rapport

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Appel d'offres - 4me projet de la Leading House Dual-T
DUAL-T est une Leading House finance par l'Office fdral de la formation professionnelle et de la technologie(BBT/OFFT). Elle mne des recherches sur l'utilisation des technologies de formation dans le cadre de la formation professionnelle. Cette Leading House comprend actuellement 3 projets. Cet appel d'offres invite les instituts suisses soumettre un quatrime projet dont le but est d'tendre les dveloppements actuels d'autres contextes, en collaboration avec les membres des trois premiers projets.

Dlai pour les soumissions: 21 Novembre 2007

Site web de la Leading House: http://dualt.epfl.ch
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Cours CSCW: analyses avec "eye tracking"
Analyses intressantes par nos tudiants
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