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Sites internet

Quelques sites internet utiles pour pratiquer son français:

If you find an interesting exercice don't hesitate to send the link to your classmates and to your teacher, they will be happy to have the information:

1.http://www2.unil.ch/cajoue/unites.html dialogues on everyday situations (10 different situations), look also for the tools at the bottom of the page: especially for pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and expressions

2. TV5Monde, Première classe, http://www.tv5.org/cms/chaine-francophone/enseigner-apprendre-francais/Premiere-classe/p-2040-s0-z0-lg3-Apprendre-le-francais-en-ligne-avec-Premiere-classe.htm?&pid=2040&signal=null&zone=null
TV5 is a francophone television, its website offers many exercises for French learners, "Première classe" is for beginners, you'll find different exercises (listening, vocabulary, grammar) and explanations in English, German and Spanish. Good tips to help you learn.

3. lexiquefle.free.fr/ useful for vocabulary, different topics (en ville, par exemple, est bien pour les directions).

4. phonetique.free.fr/indexgb.htm for pronunciation, you'll find useful exercices for discrimination of sounds under "phonèmes", then choose between "voyelles" (vowels), "consonnes" (consonants) and "semi-voyelles". You'll find a presentation of all the sounds and then exercices.

5. languageguide.org/french/for vocabulary but you'll find grammar as well.

6.www.lepointdufle.net/vocabulaire.htm, and www.imagiers.net/download/ a lot of different resources: vocabulary exercices, grammar exercices and explanations, songs (chansons), videos, audio files, etc. Some are good, others are "less interesting". If you find good things, don't hesitate to send the link to your classmates and to your teacher.

For information on the portfolio : http://www2.unil.ch/langues/?lang=en#widget=2

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