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Dye Solar Cell Industrialisation Conference

Dye Solar Cell Industrialisation Conference

Date: Tuesday, Sept 11 - Thursday, Sept 13, 2007
Venue: Olma Messen St.Gallen

The 3rd Generation Photovoltaics

The second International Conference on Industriali-sation of Dye Solar Cells is integrated with NanoEurope. The conference is once again sponsored by Dyesol Ltd, joint Platinum sponsor of NanoEurope 2007.

This conference brings together developers, industrial organisations, and government research organi-sations working on the challenges to introduce DSC into the broad solar power community. While the conference does not stress academic research it does include session on modelling and next generation DSC devices and designs (such as tandem devices).

The key features of the conference highlight:

Advances in long term performance
Module designs
Applications demonstrations
Module performance in real life conditions
Reliability proving
Cost reduction of materials
Manufacturing processes and equipment
Automation of manufacture
High volume manufacturing requirements
The conference will be a significant advantage to investors to obtain real data on DSC. Product designers and architects will gain insight into the reactive merits of DSC compared to classical photovoltaics. Researchers will gain understanding of the key industrial criteria to enable better direction of R&D. Students will benefit from an overview of all aspects of DSC.

Conference language: English
The entire program will be available in may 2007.

Organizers: DYESOL (www.dyesol.com) & NanoEurope

Olma Messen St.Gallen
Spluegenstrasse 12, CH-9008 St.Gallen, Switzerland
Phone: +41 071 242 04 44 Fax: +41 071 242 02 32
Email: info@nanoeurope.com
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