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Dye solar cell

Conference: Solar2006 Australia
SOLAR2006 13-15 September 2006

ANZSES (Australia and New Zealand Solar Energy Society)
44th Annual Conference. Canberra, Australia.

Ravi Harikisun is giving a paper titled ?Dye-sensitized Solar Cells Demonstrating
a Commercially Viable Life?
Ben Jausnik a paper ?Development of Optimised test equipment for 3rd generation PV?
both from Dyesol and Hongxia Wang will be prestenting a joint QUT-Dyesol paper
?Application of Spray Pyrolysis Deposition Technique to Prepare TiO2 film for
Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells?.

Source: DYESOL Newsletter June 2006
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Solar Cell Conference: ECHOS'06
European Conference on Hybrid and Organic Solar Cells (ECHOS'06)

June 28-30, 2006
Carré des Sciences, Ministère délégué à la Recherche
1 rue Descartes, 75005 PARIS

This conference is in part organised by the MOLYCELL project, funded by the
European Commission under FP6. This project brought together for the first
time the established experts from both the polymer and dye sensitised
solar cell communities. The conference is intended to be a focused workshop
addressing the development, characterisation and modelling of excitonic solar cells.


1. Design, synthesis ans basic chemical analysis of novel organic and molecular semiconductors for PV energy conversion.
2. Advanced characterisation and modelling
3. All-organic devices development :
. solution processed
. vacuum processed
4. Hybrid devices development :
. solid dye sensitised devices
. inorganic / organic nanocomposite devices
5. Device evaluation and technological perspectives

For more details, visit
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Welcome to DSSC Blog
Welcome to LPI blog site on Dye Solar Cells. Here you can post regularly on recent publications, news reports and titbits of interest to Dye Solar Cell community.

Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions.

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