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Memoirs of a PhD graduate for people lacking inspiration!

This is a nice read for phd candidates who are in need of inspiration or going through a slow phase :-) Thanks Sonia for recommending it!



Posted by Rafah El-Khatib at 12:16
Beer night on Friday 06/06/14

Hi all!

We will have a beer night next Friday in the PhD room (INM 065) starting 6 pm; everyone is welcome to join! There will be free beer and snacks available as well as many board games and even the game Wii in the PhD room. We have ordered three types of beer (white, blond, and amber) from the famous Lausannois brewerie Docteur Gab's!

Hope to see you there :-)

Posted by Rafah El-Khatib at 10:30
Suggestion for the next movie night, 12/05--23/05

Hello Everyone, this is Onur - the movie night guy. I'm writing to arrange a movie night within the next two weeks.

4th of May was the birthday of Audrey Hepburn, a talented actress and a humanitarian. She would have been 85 years old: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audrey_Hepburn

In her memory, I would like to propose one of the classics she played in: Roman Holiday: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0046250/

Let me know of your opinions, and your availabilities for the next two weeks. By default, we would start the movie at 7 pm, the Ph.D. room at INM. The movie should last for 118 minutes.



Posted by Onur Yuruten at 15:37
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Email us to be able to add articles

To be able to add articles to the blog, let us know by email or by commenting on this post so that we can add you as an editor!

Posted by Rafah El-Khatib at 16:41
Pizza talks for candidacy exams

Hey there!

Are you preparing the presentation of your candidacy exam - or any other presentation for that matter? We are organizing dry-runs, accompanied by ... pizza! If you want to practice your presentation, just let us know and we will book a room for you where friends and colleagues can come, listen, eat of course, and give you feedback to help master your presentation skills :-)

To schedule a dry-run, send us the topic and some possible dates and times by email at rafah.el-khatib@epfl.ch or artem.rozantsev@epfl.ch.

Posted by Rafah El-Khatib at 15:41
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