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Session 7 - Presentation - Bringing science to market


Please find attached the presentations of the last session (7) related to bringing the Scientific Results to the market

Posted by Myrna Fatima Flores Pineda at 0:00
Session 6 - Presentations


Please find attached the presentations done in ERAcademy Session 6 about the European Research Council (ERC) and two testimonials related to Research for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Posted by Myrna Fatima Flores Pineda at 15:02
Session 5 - Presentations: People - Marie Curie Actions


Please find attached the presentations done in ERAcademy Session 5 about the "People - Overview" - The Marie Curie Actions and two testimonials

Posted by Myrna Fatima Flores Pineda at 0:53
Presentation Paolo Pedrazzoli


Please find attached the presentation from Paolo Pedrazzoli which provides Hits to develop FP7 Proposals

Posted by Myrna Fatima Flores Pineda at 0:39
Presentation Rolf Klappert


Please download the presentation performed by "Rolf Klappert" in regards to the "Legal and Financial aspects of FP7"

Posted by Myrna Fatima Flores Pineda at 0:35
Presentation Pascal Menu


Please download the presentation from Pascal Menu in regards to "The Proposal Structure" and the related "A" forms

Posted by Myrna Fatima Flores Pineda at 0:33
Presentation Julian Randall


Please find attached the presentation from Julian Randall about "An Overview of the Cooperation Thematics"

Posted by Myrna Fatima Flores Pineda at 0:28
Session 3 - Presentation Myrna Flores and Prof. Solange GHERNAOUTI-HÉLIE


Please find in attachment the presentation about Cultural Aspects presented by M. Flores and
Bringing Socio-Economics into a Technological Project - The SECOQC case presented by Prof. Solange GHERNAOUTI-HÉLIE

Posted by Myrna Fatima Flores Pineda at 0:23
Session 3 Experiences Running European Projects - Michel Pouly


Please download the presentation from Michel Pouly about his Experiences Running European Projects

Posted by Myrna Fatima Flores Pineda at 22:26
Session 2 - Presentation - Coordination Testimonial


Please download the presentation testimonial

Posted by Myrna Fatima Flores Pineda at 12:59
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