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group formation
After a lot of problem with the debugging, and fastCGI cache problem, an interface for group formation (teacher or students) as finally been created. It is based on the grid formation interface created by shuja. It has to be improved so when the students use it, it can only modify his place and not the others places.

The cache problems can simply resolved by pressing CTRL+ALT+R to force reload the page (firefox).
Now for javascript debugging, I use Venkman debugger and javascript console. Simple but powerfull.
Posted by Fabrice Hong at 10:20
new files organisation
I have to prepare a new file organisation regarding the future (when there will by many scripts).

js/ajax_requests -> HTTPRequest for filling empty div are grouped in this directory
templates/ -> templates used in all scripts
templates/concept_grid -> templates related to concept grid only
templates/concept_grid/ajax_parts -> only parts loaded by ajax

About templating : the structure (login, scripts phases, logos, etc.) of the page is repeated in every file. That's the mess when we want to change something. The standard decoratinon will be automated. For that we can use HTMLTemplates.py. But the question is : "is this a good way to template ?". Another solution is to template by putting cheetah parts to include into differents files.

* only one file : easy to find, but could be a mess inside
- not adapted when there will be many scripts. for example, what about the template for the script phases ?

cheetah template parts
* many differents files to load on the fly. Some are only related to a script, others are generics.
+ better for script modularisation, exportation. The scripts should be the as independant from manyscripts as possible

cheetah template parts CHOSEN
Posted by Fabrice Hong at 10:17
The GUI Manager has been created.
for now, it can :
- Generate a concept grid specifiying the rows numbers and the cols number
- Generate a the concept table specifiying the rows numbers and the cols number

The size of the cells aren't specified because the table automatically take the size of the targets inside because of relative positioning
Posted by Fabrice Hong at 12:02
Drag and drop
The thing to be corrected was that the table changes size if we resize the window because target inside the cells are in absolute positionning.
The table has been fixed by putting all drag and drop things in relative positioning and by removing the setting of the cells size. So, no need to use another library than Yahoo for the drag and drop

Also, a code line has been removing arbitrary :
ygDDPlayer.js -> startDrag -> targetEl.className = "target";

For now it doesn't have bad consequences, but it fixes some bugs temporary :
- The Concepts on the page doesn't disapear when we drag a concept
Posted by Fabrice Hong at 12:00
Begining of manyscripts
Started to read the code of manyscripts and ajax documentation.
planning the next months and setting the priorities
Posted by Fabrice Hong at 11:59