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My studio's experience

final presentation_2!!!


Posted by Fatemeh Moaiyeri at 14:18
final presentation_1!!!


Posted by Fatemeh Moaiyeri at 14:12
final presentation!!!


Posted by Fatemeh Moaiyeri at 14:06
final presentation!!!

  Finally I have my final presentation!!!

Posted by Fatemeh Moaiyeri at 14:02
circulation between the towers

 as you can see,I have four towers,and I have the circulation in my towers and between my towers.Between my towers where is the same activity on the same floor,I have the circulation space between the towers.

here you can see the circulation between the towers and a little perspective from the behind of the first skin(the skin which is coming on the landscape.)

Posted by Fatemeh Moaiyeri at 13:55
return on my stars

  I've decide to return on my stars. but I have the star towers,but the circulation do by the skins,the double skins!

I have to say that I have three skins,one is for covering my geometrical shapes of my tower and the two others are for the circulation space.The first skin was continued on the landscape.

Posted by Fatemeh Moaiyeri at 13:49
return on my stars


Posted by Fatemeh Moaiyeri at 13:44
Change the tower!


I've decide to change my star shapes to the circle!you can see my sketches.


Posted by Fatemeh Moaiyeri at 14:05
Mid term-3

  Here,you can see the tower, the five towers with the double skin.

you can see the plans as well.four towers which are around a middle core which is the circulation core, and the gardens on each floor,which is related to the sunlight,so for three of my towers I can have the gardens on each floor.

you can see also the site plan.

at the end,I give other variants for my towers,because I have the towers by same dimensions,scales,rotations and form,so I can also have the towers not similarly,and by different scales and forms!  

Posted by Fatemeh Moaiyeri at 14:03
Mid term-2

 Here you can see the module of my double skin, a star by ten sides. By aggregation of this module, there is a opportunity to have different shapes and patterns.

So the patterns that I've used for my skin and you can see it on the picture.by different oppenings.

Posted by Fatemeh Moaiyeri at 13:55
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