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etude empirique: analyse d'une situation de conception coopérative médiatisée

Conception is an ill-defined problem: definition of specification of the problem <=> elaboration of a solution.

comparable vs complementary competences -> sometimes no single person can grasp the problem as a whole.

Vinck and Jeantet/1995 speak of intermediary objects = models at such a level of specification? or less formal? these are ephemeral, shared. serve as mediators to discussion.

Brennan and Clark have a bunch of concepts that everyone cites, but noone knows what they mean

questions are: what difference does synchronicity make? how much aditionnal interaction management is needed when copresence is not achieved? is grounding as important? Does the role (complementary competence) have an impact on the type of activites each performs? is all technology used?

experience on 4 2h synchronous sessions, intermingled with 4h individual "distributed design"

doesn't seem to conclude anything useful.

when working asynchronously, people don't collaborate so much and try to do stuff that doesn't need other's presence.

apparently, we need "gestion des sources d'informations" - certainty that everyone is looking at the same thing. for this, maybe not allow people to "see" what they have in local? - or rather to show what everyone sees and make sure that it is same for all

author hasn't a clue what FTP means

graphical images work well as intermediate objects

bunch of blather about perspectives and stuff.
Posted by Gregory Dyke on Wednesday 7 September 2005 at 17:09
salut gregory,
tu peux préciser ton statement à propos de Clark and Brennan, je le trouve un peu sortant de nulle part. En fait comme je ne sais pas à quel concept venant de chez tu fais référence, je ne vois pas trop le sens de la phrase

je fais le tatillon la
et j'espère que tu utilises velo'v

nicolas nova
Posted by Nicolas Nova on Wednesday 7 September 2005 at 20:33