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Elaboration of what will hopefuly be the final theme of my project

Drew provides traces of activity in a very plain manner which is then complex to analyse:
- html
- excel
- replay

These traces have several purposes. The first divide is between technological necessity and "observational" desirability (ie a balance had to be achieved between what the cognitive science side of SCALE wanted to be able to observe and what the programmers of DREW needed/were able to achieve). Next, the three "levels" of participation in DREW are: user/learner, teacher, researcher. The Ciclope project aims to use the traces in order to assist the learner and, potentially, the teacher, that they may observe the interaction not only in terms of production, but also in terms of path to that production. DREW is also used in Lot3 of Cosmoce, where the traces are used by the researchers in order to provide (mainly) qualitative analysis of the activity.

A number of small improvements could be made in order to improve this analysis, including:
- correspondance between replay and excel entries
- grouping of traces within a higher-order trace
- isolation of traces related to a certain person/object
- new portion of replay module devoted to assisting/showing coding category (generalised/rainbow)
- visualisations

Although all of these modifications seem to be small isolated tasks, they can hopefully be grouped into one project by first characterising the analysis methodologies and seeing all these small improvements as being assistive to that methodology.

My research will have three main focii:
- state of the art in terms of traces and productions derived from these traces
- observation and reading up on analysis methodology
- ergonomic integration of the above for each of the assistive tools I will develop

The programmatical result should be a series of small changes to drew + a number of small programs along with a framework to work on them
The research result should be the reasons behind the usefulness/usability of these programs.

The disadvantage of this approach, but also its advantage lies in the variety of developments: this means I can maximise the usefulness of my presence to ICAR, but has the danger of the project lacking a single focus.

Maybe I should write up more on the "unifying focus"?
Posted by Gregory Dyke on Tuesday 27 September 2005 at 17:02