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Gregory Dyke

First days in lyon

Hello there. I've decided to use the epfl blog system to catalog the experience of my master's project in Lyon. I'm using this system because I intend to post obscenely often, mostly to comment on the day's proceedings, but also to record ideas, notes taken during reading, websites visited and to document how I experience living in Lyon. Clearly, I'm not going to use livejournal for all this or my friends would get pretty pissed. Those on lj will get copies/links to the "life in Lyon" category and potentially to those that I'd like feedback on - blogs@epfl is - I think - difficult to comment on if you're not at EPFL.

(My instincts right now are telling me that I should have opened a separate lj account as at least posts are tagable, rather than only categorisable. We shall see.)

So... in order to get here: I have filled in: the form to say I'm going away (this gets me money, yay!); the form to say I'm doing a master's project; the university matriculation renewal form (online); the form to say I'm doing a master's project (online). I also should be getting some form of id from ENS Lyon. To assist me in any administrivia, I have a certificate that says I'm at EPFL and a certificate that says I live in Lyon. I also have my British passport. (sorry, dear reader; I'm just covering my back here :D).

My first problem was finding a flat. I tried various methods, among which were using the CROUS (university social service). Basically it sucked many different kinds of suckage. All the more so as I'm only here for 6 months. Instead, I signed up on appartager.fr, which allows people looking to share a flat to post either "I'm looking for someone to live in my flat" or "I'm looking for a flat to live in". This is free. But the system is such that in order to be able to communicate with someone beyond "I'm interested in your offer", one of the two has to pay. 30euros for a month sounds reasonable to me. I'm now residing with the 3rd person I emailed (I had paid and thus had access to all email addys). 50 odd yearsold, divorced, two daughters studying in Paris. Nice bloke. We're getting used to having each other around, especially for meals, for which I have markedly different habits from the french. Well found anyhow. Thankyou teh interweb.

I arrived on Friday evening and had intended to spend my saturday buying train and bus passes, shopping for foodstuffs, visiting the center, finding some internet (I'm still hoping to find free wireless) and going for a run. Best laid plans eh... I got up reasonably early and headed off to the nearest station to get a Carte 12-25 (50 euros - gives half price fares on trains - well worth the investment for travelling Lyon-Geneva). I went to a rather small one as I knew the cue would be half an hour long in Lyon's two main stations. Unfortunately it only opens at nine. Five minutes past nine, my first errand is complete. Required one photo - I don't think she even checked my ID.

This is getting long and it is now sunday and I'm about to be kicked out of the place I found free internet. more from me later.
btw, my phone number in france: +33 666 20 81 31

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