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Gregory Dyke

first day
I'll be working within the COSMOCE project. Their concern seems to be to approach co-conception from two main vantage points:

  • observation of existing activity -> analysis and modelisation
  • leading to requirements for a supportive tool + implementation of said supportive tool

The supportive tool already exists to some extent and is DREW.

My task in this is going to be to find a niche to fill in the form of a DREW module and do it.

For now, I'm reading up on COSMOCE and DREW.

Their focus here seems to be different from how I'd look at things in the sense that they're saying "people are using netmeeting for synchronous coconception tasks - netmeeting isn't made for this but people are getting around this in an ad hoc manner - what are they doing?". Myself, I'd say that netmeeting is fubar and as such we should be looking at first-time users to see what is happening. maybe this is what we are doing... I'll have to enquire.
Posted by Gregory Dyke at 15:49