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Back on track!

After a short intermezzo we're back on track and working hard towards finally putting the measurement truck inside the street...
- Site selected (see image)
- Electricity contracted on both sides of street
- Permissions for tracer emission, truck placement and tube placement are ok
- Security guard contracted
- Tracer liberation system being built with blower in middle of tube
- GC currently being calibration using new calibration gas
- Camera in street and working, up to 30 minutes electricity gaps are bridged by UPS
- Weather station on high-rise building close to site and logging
- Equipment in truck undergoing inspection (calibration gas still missing)
- Planned to move to street next week
Posted by Oliver Fuhrer on Thursday 21 December 2006 at 17:28
Wow, that is traffic!
Beware Saigon, I am coming :-)
The GC expert.
Posted by Milen Blagoev on Friday 22 December 2006 at 13:40