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Saigon sunset...

Today we did a very bad thing... we started the weekend already on Saturday. (It usually starts and ends on Sunday). So we hit the streets of Saigon and went to the War Remnants Museum, which boasts a collection of photographs, artifacts and replicat of the Vietnam War. One can never fully empathise with the events that took place, but the many black and white photographs give a glimpse of the effects of Agent Orange, Napalm, American "mercenaries", and a modern war machinery in a rural and poor region. The view given is surely biased, nationalist and anti-American, but the shocking images will not leave my memory for a long time... Out on the road again, one can only wonder how this nation has left this 40 year old memory behind so easily and is moving forward at an unbelievable pace, embracing American culture and investment.
Posted by Oliver Fuhrer on Saturday 23 December 2006 at 17:10