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Merry X-mas!!!

Santa expanded his enterprise to Asia and has been sighted yesterday evening going about his business in HCMC. Sighting him here in one of the fastest growing economies of the world (annual GDP growth > 7%) surely sheds some capitalistic light on his doings... Even worse, eye witnesses have seen him riding a motorcycle (Model: Honda Dream) and engaging in same rather reckless and dangerous driving, crossing red lights and overtaking on the oncoming traffic lane. What would his reindeer - and especially Rudolph - think about that? Luis and me, having thought we are safe this year, of course were very worried. Have we been good? Will he bring us the long awaited calibration gas? Will he be taking Dung with him in his bag? How do you say "Ho, ho, ho!" in Vietnamese?

Merry Christmas to everybody!
Posted by Oliver Fuhrer on Monday 25 December 2006 at 2:48