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Literature of Friday 17th April

 This is the paper I selected for the literature:

"Beyond the thin-wall approximation: precise numerical computation of prefactor in false vacuum decay", G. V. Dunne and H. Min. hep-th/0511156

It is not a new one, but it looks interesting; it was suggested by Marino during the course on non-perturbative methods in QFT and Claudio confirmed his interest in this paper.

There are also two related papers in which the same topic is reviewed and extended:




Posted by Leonardo Brizi at 9:30
Suggestions for Litterature Review

List of papers which are worth a review :

  • Witten ; quark nuggets : @spires
  • Weinberg ; effective gauge theories : @spires
  • Georgi ; oblique corrections to SM : @spires
  • Crewther, Di Vecchia, Veneziano, Witten ; chiral estimate of neutron EDM : @spires
  • Kilic, Okui, Sundrum ; Colorons : @spires
Posted by Jan Mrazek at 9:55
The muon g-2 and the bounds on the Higgs boson mass
Posted by Paolo Torrielli at 11:21
Cosmic Triangle
Yesterday's seminar made reference to a paper by N.A. Bahcall et. al. in which they discuss the so-called "cosmic triangle". I think it's a nice paper, in which they summarize in a very accessible way what we know about the current abundances in the universe; and how different experiments indicate that LamdaCDM seems to be the best model to fit the data.

Here's the link to the paper for those of you who might be interested in having a look :)
Posted by Claude Becker at 16:00
Literature of Monday 26th May
I was planning to present this paper by Gasperini


but Claudio today suggest me to change because it is too much "foggy"

So I'm triyng to prepare a "classical" paper by Weinberg and Witten suggested by Riccardo...I had a fast read to the paper and I had some difficulties in the understanding of technical ditails

I don't know how much deep will be my understanding of the paper because there are only few day to study it... but if you try to read it we can discuss together on monday


This is the link to the paper.
Posted by Leonardo Brizi at 20:16
Order of presentation
Alessandro -> Christopher -> Claude -> Daniel -> Jan -> Leonardo -> Paolo -> ...
Posted by Claude Becker at 14:41
Monday 7th April
Inflation with non-minimal coupling: Matric vs. Palatini Formulations

by F. Bauer and D. Demir

arXiv: 0803.2664 [hep-ph]
Posted by Claude Becker at 14:34
March 31st Literature
On next monday I plan to present the following article

Posted by Christopher Andrey at 14:31
Polchinski's article
Here's the reference to Polchinski's paper on renormalization and effective theories:

Polchinski, Renormalization and Effective Lagrangians
Posted by Claude Becker at 18:29
Open questions and next week program
Some open questions from last time :
- Quantum corrections to scalar mass in DR. For this topic, it would be nice if everybody could do the following exercise : take a toy model with a scalar phi and a fermion psi, coupled with a yukawa ; and phi^4 self-couplings for the scalar.
Compute the whole correction (finite and infinite) in both cutoff and DR to the scalar mass when the fermion is heavier.
- Phase space for 2 & 3 final particles ; phase space suppression.

New topic : CP violation is SM
- Chapter 6 of Barbieri.
- Where is CP violation observed.
- CP is conserved for SM with two families. Find the diagrams which contribute to a CP violating process involving Kaons (direct or indirect).
Posted by Jan Mrazek at 10:26
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