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Open questions and next week program

Some open questions from last time :
- Quantum corrections to scalar mass in DR. For this topic, it would be nice if everybody could do the following exercise : take a toy model with a scalar phi and a fermion psi, coupled with a yukawa ; and phi^4 self-couplings for the scalar.
Compute the whole correction (finite and infinite) in both cutoff and DR to the scalar mass when the fermion is heavier.
- Phase space for 2 & 3 final particles ; phase space suppression.

New topic : CP violation is SM
- Chapter 6 of Barbieri.
- Where is CP violation observed.
- CP is conserved for SM with two families. Find the diagrams which contribute to a CP violating process involving Kaons (direct or indirect).
Posted by Jan Mrazek on Wednesday 5 December 2007 at 10:26